“The Future of our Next Internet Depends on this Tiny Breakthrough”

I was reading the latest pitch for the “next Internet” and thinking that it was yet another spiel about the “Internet of Things” that we’ve covered so many times (like the Fool’s “The Internet Disappears” or Marc Lichtenfeld’s “Web 3.0″ pitch)… … or even about the “wearable tech” revolution that’s often likened to the “Internet […]

“In Fat People We Do Trust” — Ray Blanco’s “100% effective weight loss solution” Stock

This particular ad hasn’t actually been completely lambasting my inbox this week, which is a surprise since the “cure for obesity” stocks usually gin up quite a bit of interest — being overweight is, after all, the plague of our time of overabundance and the cause of so many of our ills, both social and […]