“It’s going to be the ‘Apple’ of cancer therapy in the next 20 years.”

Immunotherapy for cancer has been in the news quite a bit in recent years, with several drugs making an impact on the worst cancers and giving some real hope for future advancement — not a small thing for a basic medical strategy that’s been tested and tweaked for 125 years now by folks following in […]

“Get in on the ‘Ground Floor’ of America’s Next Great Royalty Business”

It’s like the Stansberry folks know what appeals to your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe… and they just can’t get enough of our coverage. Every time I turn around lately they’re teasing and promoting a different kind of “royalty” company. And I loves me some royalties. Royalty companies are pretty well understood by most investors — […]

“Say These 5 ‘Magic’ Words To Your Local Bank Teller— And You Could Walk Away With A Handful Of Silver”

We’re rerunning this piece because it continues to be one of the most asked-for explanations on the Stock Gumshoe website. What follows below was originally published in mid-2012, it has been updated for the change in silver values but otherwise remains unchanged. Dr. David Eifrig over at Stansberry’s Retirement Millionaire newsletter has been teasing us […]

How do you “stop America’s laziest minority from ruining OUR country?”

Before I get on to that “laziest minority” bit, I did want to throw out a few comments and some thoughts about a few stocks I follow closely: If you don’t think the world is going to hell in a handbasket, and you do think that commodities in general will hold up reasonably well (which […]

What is the “Gov’t. Issued 1965 Treasure Map” — Can You Find “Treasure Bags” in 776 Cities?

How can you find sacks of treasure located around 776 cities around the country? That’s the pitch from Retirement Millionaire from Stansberry & Associates — the ad, which is one of those good ol’ video ads that doesn’t happen to link to a text version, even includes a “treasure map” of those cities around the […]

What is the “Algorithm Gun” … and can it really make you 1,000%?

Dr. David Eifrig, who I’ve written about once or twice before, has stepped away from his usual Retirement Millionaire topics to write about an individual stock — well, tease us about a stock, anyway. If you’ll sign up for the good doctor’s newsletter to find out about his favorite retirement freebies and savings strategies, he’ll […]

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