Retirement Millionaire

Coverage of retirement issues, discounts and deals, and investment strategies and concepts.  Not focused solely on being an investment-picking letter but does make recommendations.

“Say These 5 ‘Magic’ Words To Your Local Bank Teller— And You Could Walk Away With A Handful Of Silver”

We’re rerunning this piece because it continues to be one of the most asked-for explanations on the Stock Gumshoe website. What follows below was originally published in mid-2012, it has been updated for the change in silver values but otherwise remains unchanged. Dr. David Eifrig over at Stansberry’s Retirement Millionaire newsletter has been teasing us […]

Whadda we love? Ridiculous promises!

Well, and we also love you — of course. Just wanted to make sure you know that on this lovely Valentine’s Day. We are inundated every day with email ads that our loyal readers forward on to us, and we appreciate every one — we want to know who’s promising you 1,000% returns, or who’s […]

What is the “Gov’t. Issued 1965 Treasure Map” — Can You Find “Treasure Bags” in 776 Cities?

How can you find sacks of treasure located around 776 cities around the country? That’s the pitch from Retirement Millionaire from Stansberry & Associates — the ad, which is one of those good ol’ video ads that doesn’t happen to link to a text version, even includes a “treasure map” of those cities around the […]

“‘Hack’ the Stock Market” With Your 18-Digit Code!

Dr. David Eifrig is one of the Stansberry writer/editors, and for a couple of years now he has put out the Retirement Millionaire newsletter that seems to be largely focused on ways to get special perqs and discounts as a retireee … as well as a bit of financial commentary and ideas, I’m told (I […]

What is the “Algorithm Gun” … and can it really make you 1,000%?

Dr. David Eifrig, who I’ve written about once or twice before, has stepped away from his usual Retirement Millionaire topics to write about an individual stock — well, tease us about a stock, anyway. If you’ll sign up for the good doctor’s newsletter to find out about his favorite retirement freebies and savings strategies, he’ll […]

“How to Buy U.S. Government Backed Silver for $1.25, and get a Free Retirement Loan”

This ad sounds a little bit like a very popular one we looked at a few months back — then, it was for $1 “Silver Shots”, and it was a teaser for a leveraged derivative trade on silver futures (or, in plainer speak, it was for long-term call options on the SLV ETF). If you […]