“Ingenious E&P Company Profits When Natural Gas Prices Rise … or Fall!”

This ad caught me eye as I was browsing a bunch of energy-related teaser picks recently — I’ve been starting to get tempted by the MLPs and the other energy infrastructure plays of late, and will probably be writing about some of the teaser picks for those sorts of companies in the near future… but […]

“What this CEO said that has me salivating for BIG 11.8%-YIELD profits!”

“…. the telecom industry had just recently taken a big hit. One of its industry leaders had just cut its dividend by 26%. The stock fell 23% in a single trading day. “Panicked investors started selling – dragging down all stocks in this industry. It happens. And more frequently than I would like. “So it […]

“The Incredible Secret of the 9%-Yieldin’ ‘Tulsa Surprise'” (Roger Conrad)

Here’s how the latest teaser ad that I’ve been asked about from the folks at Investing Daily starts: “Limited Distribution… Do Not Forward… Do Not Share “BUSTED! “The Incredible Secret of the 9%-Yieldin’ ‘Tulsa Surprise’” And whenever you put that in your ad … well, you can pretty much guarantee that your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe […]

August Idea of the Month: High Yielding Doc Stock

Before I get into today’s idea for this month, which I’m borrowing from a yield-hungry newsletter guy, I did want to quickly address some big news from one of my largest holdings, and one of the stocks that you’ve probably noticed that I write about a lot — Sandstorm Gold. Sandstorm is a gold streaming […]

“A ‘LOSER’ Stock That Could Make You a 9.5%-Yield WINNER!”

We’ve written about Roger Conrad’s Big Yield Hunting several times in the year or so that he’s been publishing it, and folks are usually pretty interested — Conrad also runs the more conservative Canadian Edge, Australian Edge and Utility Forecaster newsletters, but for his Big Yield Hunting letter he tends to recommend very high yielding […]

“One Sweet Ride: Big, fat, MONTHLY dividend checks”

Many of the readers out there in the great Gumshoe Universe love Roger Conrad — or at least, they love his steadfast attachment to high-dividend stocks that comes through in pretty much all of his newsletters whether they focus on sexier/riskier high yields (Big Yield Hunting), boring “essential services” stuff (Utility Forecaster), Canadian or Australian […]

“Ride to Oil Riches with the Lucky Tombstone Kid: Stake Your Claim in the Three Bakkens”

The copywriters over at Investing Daily certainly spin a good tale — we’ve seen pitches about the discovery of South Pacific wonder-ports, secret buyouts by the Rockefellers, and plenty of tales of mouth-watering dividends that make even the most boring companies sound sexy … so I do always enjoy seeing a new tease for picks […]

“This ‘Cloud’ Has A Golden Lining (and a 9% dividend)” (Roger Conrad)

We looked at a few teaser picks from the Australian Edge service back when it launched last Fall, but this appears to be the first big push for new subscribers since then (don’t know the track record so far, but they say they’re “on track” for 106% gains this year). I’ve gotten this teaser ad […]

“MLP Yielding 10.2% Makes BIG, Bold, Bullish Move!”

Now that even Jim Cramer won’t shut up about Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) as a safer, high-yield, non-euro-exposed investment, perhaps we’ve “jumped the shark” on this investment? It’s always hard to tell — popular investments can always get more popular. But one thing’s for sure, Roger Conrad’s been talking up MLPs for quite a bit […]

“Retro burger dynamo soars next to McDonald’s with ‘50s flair and modern wi-fi.”

Roger Conrad has been a well known fan of relatively stodgy income stocks for a long time, with his Canadian Edge and Utility Forecaster both ranking among the top income-focused newsletters according to Stock Gumshoe reviewers for most of the past several years. And today’s he’s teasing us with yet another somewhat unusual income investment, […]

“This CEO takes just a $1.00 annual salary and flies coach… So His Shareholders Can Live the Millionaire Lifestyle”

That’s what we all want to see, right? A skinflint CEO who skimps on perks and saves money for shareholders, and who pays out cash to those shareholders (well, that’s what we want to see if we don’t work for him, at least). And that’s what Roger Conrad is teasing today for his MLP Profits […]

Oil Sands Profits — Conrad and Sprott

The interest in the oil sands seems to be peaking lately — not just in a good way, but all around. We’re seeing protests about the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would bring more Canadian oil south to the US Gulf refineries, we’re seeing renewed concern about environmental impacts, and we’re seeing great interest from […]

Aussie Picks and Shovels from Australian Edge

If you’re just joining us, we’ve been working on identifying the Australian stock picks teased by the new Australian Edge newsletter from Roger Conrad and David Dittman — that first note is here, with the lead-in about their general “invest in Australia” theme, and they teased us with eight “income wonders from down under” that […]

Teaser Picks Revealed from the new Australian Edge Newsletter

The folks at Investing Daily (which used to be called KCI) brought us one of the first foreign investment newsletters that many retail investors probably heard of, the income-focused Canadian Edge that Roger Conrad used to ride the great wave of Canadian royalty trust investing in the golden age of that investment (that being the […]

Australian Edge

Recommends Australian stocks that they think have strong balance sheets, high dividend yields, extraordinary growth potential.” Plans one aggressive and one conservative pick per month. Co-edited by Roger Conrad when he was with Investing Daily.