“The Intel of NFC: One ‘Ground Floor’ Stock Every Opportunistic Investor Should Snap Up Today.”

David Gardner has touted and teased many stocks for both his Rule Breakers and his Stock Advisor services — probably, in fact, we’ve covered more Motley Fool teaser ads here at Stock Gumshoe than we have any other publisher (and according to the quick calculations of one of our readers, they’ve had more winners than […]

“The Santa Claus Bubble of 2013″ — David Gardner’s Online College “Rule Breaker”

“This is the only company in the online higher education industry that’s creating a win-win for everyone. Which means it’s the only one with long-term staying power. The sad truth is, most online colleges exist for one simple purpose. To suck away federal loan dollars from Uncle Sam. These “diploma mills” don’t even care whether […]

“Big Banking’s $20.8 Trillion Secret” Pick from David Gardner

About a month ago I wrote a Friday File for the Irregulars that was based on a pitch the Motley Fool was making for an Internet banking company — it was all about how bricks and mortar are dead, and about how a prescient “mysterious investor” at the Motley Fool had a history of picking […]

“I Bet You $117,238.20 That This Stock Explodes in 2013″ (Motley Fool’s “Get Rich on Wednesday” Pick)

Now THIS is a fun ad. Jeremy Phillips is the Chief Technology Officer at the Motley Fool, and he starts off their new ad with a great quote: “I plan to get rich on Wednesday morning — care to join me?” Well … yeah. Isn’t that why we’re all fretting over our investments, saving precious […]

“One Stock You Must Buy Before the iPhone-Android War Escalates Any Further…”

I have to give the Motley Fool Rule Breakers folks credit on this one — they’ve been touting this stock consistently for just about two and a half years now, and it has, despite the fact that it always looks kind of expensive, refused to spend much time going down during that time. But every […]

“Capitalize on this ‘Backdoor’ iPhone 5 Opportunity Before it’s Too Late”

Today I’m taking a “mea culpa” moment to remind you about a a stock I’ve been a wee bit skeptical of as “too expensive” for quite a while … I’ve been quite wrong about the stock so far and it has risen persistently and consistently over the last 2+ years. Not that it’s rare for […]

“What you don’t know about Steve Jobs’ final vendetta …” (Motley Fool)

The folks at the Motley Fool have run lots of ads for stock picks that “piggyback” on the iPhone’s gargantuan success — as have lots of other newsletter publishers, of course — and it looks like that trend will continue. The ad I’ve seen today takes a somewhat different tack on this same basic idea […]

“An unstoppable $160 BILLION force that could make early investors a small fortune…” (Motley Fool)

The folks at the Motley Fool have been promoting Dave Gardner’s Rule Breakers newsletter for years by using the same basic theme for their ads: Cloud computing scared Bill Gates into retirement, and the “Kings of Cloud Computing” in the next era will make you rich. If you’re not familiar with Gardner, he’s basically a […]

“The Next Great Payment Revolution” — the Motley Fool’s NFC Stock is …

Seems like I’m seeing a lot more of David Gardner over the last month than I had for ages — he’s the growth-focused half of the Motley Fool brothers, and this time around the pitch is for his “aggressive growth” newsletter Rule Breakers. This letter has brought us a lot of interesting ideas in the […]

“The 3 Kings of Cloud Computing: Version 2.0″

The Motley Fool folks have been using the “3 Kings of Cloud Computing” special report to pitch David Gardner’s Rule Breakers newsletter for a couple years now, and have occasionally even given away all three of those stock picks for free as part of their “give us your email” list building exercises — but I […]

“The Almost Perfect Stock” (Cloud Computing)

Well, it appears the secret’s out on how to get the Gumshoe’s attention: It’s not enough to have a hype-filled ad that promises huge gains, the ones that float to the top of my to-do list often also have perfect, pithy headlines like the one I’ve quoted above: who can resist “The Almost Perfect Stock?” […]

“The Ultimate Wireless Winner … One Stock You Must Buy Before iPhone Fever Strikes Again”

Today we’re looking again at a teaser from our old friends at the Motley Fool — this time, the Rule Breakers folks, led by founding bro Dave Gardner … and they’ve got what they think is a hot growth stock that you have to buy now, before the next iPhone comes out in a few […]

“The No. 1 Cloud Computing Play for New Money” Motley Fool

This ad from the Motley Fool has been around for a while, and they’re now giving away some of the teaser stock names for free — but they’re still keeping one “secret,” so I thought I’d revisit that part of the pitch and let you know who it is. For those who don’t know what […]

“3 Kings of Cloud Computing” Motley Fool

This one has drummed up a fair amount of interest from the mighty horde of Gumshoe readers, I’ve been seeing it for a couple weeks now and it appears to still be actively pushed as I type. So … you might like to know the names of these three cloud computing giants, no? Read on […]

Motley Fool: “10X Bigger than the Internet: 4 Alternative Energy Plays”

This one has caused quite a stir among the vast and mighty Gumshoe readership, if my steady deluge of email is any indication. Everybody loves growth stocks, especially when nothing else seems to be growing, and everyone thinks alternative energy will be the next billionaire-maker — the Fool compares the current situation in alternative energy […]

Year’s Best: “The NEXT Google: The Global Digital Marketing Powerhouse”

Continuing the rundown of the best teaser picks of the year, this one comes from the Motley Fool, specifically from their Rule Breakers newsletter, and it is the only one of the “next Google” stocks that I’ve seen teased that has gotten even close to a double so far. It reached a 141% gain that […]