“Mystery Island: 9000 Miles Off the Coast of Florida”

That’s the mysterious tagline of a recent email I got from the S&A Gold Report from Matt Badiali. He’s teasing us with the name of his favorite commodity penny stock, all we have to do is start a subscription for $99 … … or, read on, and listen to your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe for free. […]

Holiday Weekend Reading and Some Reader Sleuthing

Greetings, fearless readers. No big new sleuthing project today, but I will share a couple solutions from readers that I haven’t been able to write up in full: 1) There’s a teaser going around from Matt Badiali that’s called “Fraser’s Legacy,” for S&A’s Gold Report, which discusses four ‘Prospect Generators.’ The report is called, “How […]

“South African Meteorite: Platinum for 3 Cents on the Dollar”

This is yet another junior mining company investment, and the tease comes to us from Matt Badiali at the Stansberry & Associates (S&A) Gold Report. The suggested solution came to me from a reader who wanted to remain anonymous, and it looks to me as though he was correct. Some newsletters just do a more […]