“The Goldstone Strike … The Safest Mining Stock in the ENTIRE Market”

Sean Brodrick is hawking not a subscription this time, but a one-time publication he calls The Goldstone Strike Report. In this report, he claims to have the “greatest gold arbitrage play of the century” … a company that has benefitted by the fact that “The world’s richest country is practically giving away its gold at […]

“The Astonishing Secret of Mexico’s Long-Lost Silver Treasure Maps”

Untold millions of readers (OK, not millions — in the tradition of the folks we write about every day, we’ll use quotes that enable us to make stuff up … so, untold “millions”) have been asking us about the “long-lost” treasure maps that are chatted up in Sean Broderick’s latest teaser for his Red-Hot Global […]

“Gold of the Pharaohs”

This teaser and the solution were sent in by an anonymous reader, so thanks for that. This is yet another gold play, but this one’s a little bit different. And as I always love to see, it’s got an interesting back story — it’s about the revival of the Egyptian gold mining industry, which certainly […]