Palm Beach’s “Better Than Bullion: How to Make 550% From the ‘Paper’ Silver Crisis.”

“Shocking Investigation Reveals: “How a tiny handful of institutions (including a branch of the Chinese government) are creating the greatest resource opportunity in over 34 years… “Why thousands of unprepared investors could lose everything… “Three specific ways to make serious gains as the price of this substance jumps 550% over the next year.” That’s how […]

“Say These 5 ‘Magic’ Words To Your Local Bank Teller— And You Could Walk Away With A Handful Of Silver”

We’re rerunning this piece because it continues to be one of the most asked-for explanations on the Stock Gumshoe website. What follows below was originally published in mid-2012, it has been updated for the change in silver values but otherwise remains unchanged. Dr. David Eifrig over at Stansberry’s Retirement Millionaire newsletter has been teasing us […]

Are “Silver Strikes” 36X Better than Dividends?

Almost every ad that refers to options in some oblique and secret way likes to throw in the fact that this is now a sector that is “regulated by the U.S. Government” … but it it “used to be illegal.” Which makes it sound both more exciting, and safer, than it is really is for […]

Whadda we love? Ridiculous promises!

Well, and we also love you — of course. Just wanted to make sure you know that on this lovely Valentine’s Day. We are inundated every day with email ads that our loyal readers forward on to us, and we appreciate every one — we want to know who’s promising you 1,000% returns, or who’s […]

Silver’s “Historic Price Glitch” — will it jump to $208 in six months?

I’ve had quite a few readers write in to ask me about silver lately — there was a spurt of “silver will be better than gold” newsletter teasers over the Summer, and this latest pitch from the Insiders Strategy Group folks for their Macro Trader newsletter has been filling up the inbox … … so […]

“Why ‘Canadian Silver’ Could Pay 100% MORE than Ordinary Silver Over the Next Few Years…” (PS, there’s “Canadian Gold”, too)

Huh? Are the Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins going to suddenly become twice as valuable as the American Eagle silver coins? No, don’t worry, it’s not that simple and silver is still fungible, an ounce is an ounce is an ounce (well, a troy ounce, anyway). So what’s the idea of “Canadian silver” being somehow […]

“Billion-Dollar Mountain of Silver Trading for Under $1!” (McCoach)

When it comes to resource stocks, the way to get people excited is by saying that you can buy a massive stockpile of X (oil, silver, gold, lead, whatever) for a fraction of its real value. If you can make that kind of promise, you’ll get at least some investors excited … even if the […]

Frank Curzio’s “Gold Fracking” — Sniffing out his “Aboveground Miners”

I’ve been blathering about my own investments in these Friday Files for a couple weeks now, but for today we’re going back to sniffing out teaser picks … in this case, a teaser pick for “Gold Fracking” that Frank Curzio has been sending out pretty aggressively for a couple days in pitches for his Small Stock […]

“A Silver Company You Need to Own NOW” (Dudley Pierce Baker)

I don’t believe I’ve ever written about Dudley Baker and his Precious Metals Warrants subscription service, but several folks sent in his latest pitch for subscribers, and it has exactly the kind of teaser promise that we love to unravel, so I thought I’d have a look for you. Baker has been a warrants/options/futures trader […]

“How the strange disappearance of element ’107′ could make you a fortune”

There’s something about using the atomic number for an element that makes you feel extra smart and exclusive, isn’t there? Or at least, that’s what I’m forced to conclude from the fact that most of the newsletter jockeys appear to delight in intriguing and mysterious references to the “fortune making” fourth element or the “battle […]

“If you buy one gold stock this year… make it this one”

There are going to be a few folks who are frustrated with the navigator of the good ship Gumshoe today, because we’re again looking at an Australian newsletter teaser — and I’m guessing the stock will be tough to trade for US investors, if our past reveals of Diggers and Drillers picks are any indication. […]

“The Small Exploration Company Bankrolled by the Big Gold Players”

It’s shaping up to be Ian Wyatt week here at Stock Gumshoe — yesterday I took a look at a veiled hint of a Polish natural gas stock, and today we’re looking at a tease that looks like it may have started a couple months back but has been recently re-invigorated (and I haven’t researched […]

“The Astonishing Secret of Mexico’s Long-Lost Silver Treasure Maps”

Untold millions of readers (OK, not millions — in the tradition of the folks we write about every day, we’ll use quotes that enable us to make stuff up … so, untold “millions”) have been asking us about the “long-lost” treasure maps that are chatted up in Sean Broderick’s latest teaser for his Red-Hot Global […]

“Buy China’s secret silver stock before it doubles”

Since there was such a spirited discussion following our look at the “treasure map” of hoarders who can sell you bags of “treasure”, this latest teaser from Nicholas Vardy also caught my eye. Why? Well, because that “treasure map” bit was all about junk silver (old circulating silver currency), and the discussion was largely of […]

What is the “Gov’t. Issued 1965 Treasure Map” — Can You Find “Treasure Bags” in 776 Cities?

How can you find sacks of treasure located around 776 cities around the country? That’s the pitch from Retirement Millionaire from Stansberry & Associates — the ad, which is one of those good ol’ video ads that doesn’t happen to link to a text version, even includes a “treasure map” of those cities around the […]

Can you Really Buy Silver for $2.08?

If you’ve been treading the boards at the good ol’ Gumshoe Theater of Oddities for more than a few months, this teaser for silver may sound familiar to you: “How To Buy U.S. Government Created Silver For $2.08″ The tease is an attempt to get you to sign up for Dr. David Eifrig’s Retirement Millionaire […]

What’s the “$1 ‘Silver Shot’ Poised to Skyrocket 12,785%?”

I originally wrote about “Silver Shots” as teased by Zachary Scheidt for his Velocity Trader about a year and a half ago, but much has changed over that time and an extremely similar ad is running right now, so I thought I should give it another look. Here’s how the teaser sounds: “Silver Hits Critical […]

“The Great Bull Market in Silver Has Begun! And This Jr. Mining Company Is THE Best Way To Profit From The Surge.”

That headline sits atop a teaser ad that I started receiving on Tuesday this week from Tim Fields for his Untapped Wealth newsletter. Now, I should warn you up front that this newsletter has recommended some real doozies in the past, like that silly “forever battery,” and they’ve gotten involved in some stock promotion that […]

“Urgent Silver Opportunity” (Stephen Leeb)

“The World’s Largest Silver Resource Base Has Now Become Attractively Priced” So goes the headline for Dr. Stephen Leeb’s new teaser ad — and he tells us that we should … “Buy now for stunning potential growth!” It’s no surprise that Leeb is a commodity booster — he got a lot of attention for peak […]