“America’s #1 Cryptocurrency”: The “Secret Currency” Pitched by Steve Sjuggerud and the Stansberry Folks

A sudden avalanche of folks have been asking about this pitch again, so I thought I’d re-share and update my thoughts on something I wrote in the Friday File for the Irregulars back in October of 2013 … so yes, this is getting a little old. Much of this is from that original note, or […]

“I found a secret way to make 400% with gov’t-issued bullion – Even if gold NEVER goes up another penny in value”

This story has been making the rounds for quite a while — and in different versions, I’ve written about essentially this same pitch before … but it’s been years since it really hit the Gumshoe radar, and folks keep asking, so I thought I’d check out this latest version of the ad for you. The […]

“Treasury’s Gold Glitch: Make Money AFTER Gold Rises” Sjuggerud

Those of you who have long toiled in the dusty, grimy classrooms of Gumshoe University will probably recognize this one — it’s an ad that has been around for years, with adjustments and variations depending on the market’s pulse and on the price of gold. The essential promise is that Steve Sjuggerud has found a […]