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“The SS-4 Income Stream: How it Could Make You America’s Next Millionaire”

Mark Skousen has been pitching the “SS-4 Income Stream” hard for the last couple weeks, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions and we’ve had a lto of discussion on the site about it … so I thought we should dig in and see if we can get a definitive answer about which investment he’s […]

The Other Three “Must Buy Before the Election” Picks from Mark Skousen

OK, so I was called away before we got through the rest of Mark Skousen’s ideas for profiting from the election (which he is convinced will bring a victory for Romney and stock market ebullience) — so let’s jump right in and finish sniffing out those picks, shall we? The first three were energy and […]

“Six Investments You Need to Make Before the Election”

There are several different teaser pitches going around these days that profess not only to know how the election will turn out, but which specific investments will be immediately profitable as a result. Which is a pretty hefty dose of tea leaf reading, if you ask me — we’ve got a dead heat election, a […]

“Double Your Money in the Coming Oil Shock” (Mark Skousen)

“12,000 Feet Below the Surface of the Ocean the Last Untouched Reservoir of Crude Oil Lies Waiting — and Only One Company Can Bring It to An Increasingly Desperate World!… “… now oil could be heading for $150 a barrel… politicians are talking about attacking Iran … and everyone is scrambling to tap the tens […]

“Insider Pumps $31.6 Million into this Company as The Stock is Ready to Sky Rocket on February 13″

Mark Skousen has spent the past few days touting a stock that’s supposed to skyrocket TODAY — and your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe was busy lolling about over the weekend, so we’re just getting to it now. And don’t worry, the stock is actually down a bit over the last week or so, so if there’s […]

“When the Bubble Bursts” Part Two

Yesterday I started looking into some Mark Skousen-teased ideas for ways to profit when the Chinese bubble bursts — today, as promised, we’ll steer the Thinkolator further along this same path and see if we can identify the other ideas he pitched. If you missed part one of our journey, you can see it here. […]

“When the China Bubble Bursts: 6 Investments to Give You Profits PLUS Protection Through the Coming Crisis”

Today’s teasers come in from Mark Skousen, who edits the Forecasts & Strategies newsletter and has graced our pages a few times in the past — most recently when he touted Cubist Pharmaceuticals very aggressively as a “winning lottery ticket” and “superbug killer” (that one did quite well, thanks to both the FDA and a […]

Killing the Superbug: “Owning this stock is like holding a winning lottery ticket” (Skousen)

Mark Skousen, who is one of those Ph.D-type doctors (economics) and thankfully doesn’t always insist on being called Dr. Skousen (yes, we’re looking at you Dr. Leeb), is pitching a health care stock today as a teaser for his Forecasts and Strategies newsletter. And like some folks we’ve heard from in the past, he’s teasing […]

“Earn $15,528 in Extra Income as This Market-Beating Stock Continues its Meteoric Rise”

I don’t write about Mark Skousen all that often, in part because he doesn’t regularly barrage us with detailed stock teasers … but I’ve had a lot of readers write in to ask me about this latest teaser ad for his Forecasts and Strategies newsletter, an ad in which he says his favorite stock kept […]

“Wealth Fortresses … Profit from Today’s Monetary Crisis”

On this bright and sunny Spring day our thoughts turn … to Mark Skousen. He’s selling subscriptions to his Forecasts & Strategies newsletter, and his pitch is that he predicted the 1980s boom, and warned investors that corporate profits were peaking in early 2007 … and that he’s got the best ideas for you to […]

“The Comeback Stock of 2010″ Mark Skousen

It’s been quite a while since I looked at anything by Mark Skousen, but I had quite a number of queries about this teaser ad last week … and I confess, it piqued my interest a bit, too. So what is his “Comeback Stock of 2010?” Well, he’d be happy to tell you, of course […]

Skousen says “Buy This Dirt-Cheap, Red Hot Stock Today.”

I haven’t written much about Mark Skousen in recent months — at least partly because he hasn’t been using teaser emails very aggressively, or at least not ads that tease specific picks of his that he thinks will soar. So I’m delighted to see that he’s returned to tease us again — this time, he’s […]

Tuesday Promise: Skousen’s safe bank

I mentioned that I wanted to get to this one today — it’s probably not in time for most of you to catch it in the Monday email alert, but here it is anyway. Mark Skousen is touting a bank stock for his Forecasts and Strategies newsletter, and more specifically he’s predicting that the bank […]

“Warren Buffett Style 10-Bagger in China” Skousen

Taking a brief break from dissecting Ann Sosnowski’s latest 13F teasers, we move along to look at one that just started cropping up in my inbox from Mark Skousen and his Forecasts and Strategies newsletter. I’ve looked at lots of Skousen’s teasers before — he has picked some good ones like China Medical, which he […]

“Microsoft of Biotech”

Many of you saw this email last week, the latest in a long string of Mark Skousen’s attempts to predict breakout stock performance on earnings dates. His past history of this is spotty, and I’ve written a few times about earnings pops he has predicted — some good, some bad. Alas, I didn’t get a […]

“Financial Behemoth Set to Double … Send Shockwaves” Skousen

I’ve written about various teasers from Mark Skousen’s services several times over the last year or so, and he is, at least, always confident. He has teased several good stocks that have performed well, including Sadia, ABB, and CVRD, and several that have stunk — like Volcano and Centerline Holdings (to be fair, I thought […]

Skousen: “The Goose That’s Set to Lay Golden Profit Eggs on March 25!”

“Last week everything was going down the drain, and now everything’s perfect” — that’s a comment I heard on CNBC this morning, facetious though it was, that goes a long way toward mirroring the movement in gold prices. Last week armageddon was coming and everyone wanted to own gold, today maybe the world financial system […]

Skousen: “Brazilian Food Stock Fattens Your Portfolio”

This one came in from a few readers via email today, which is always delightful — but today it was even more of a delight, because here we have a company whose shares I own, and whose future I’m also fairly excited about. The ad is for Mark Skousen’s Hedge Fund Trader service, one of […]

Mark Skousen: “This Stock is PROFITING From the Subprime Mess”

Ah, it’s so nice to have a lovely little sleuthing job to distract me … this is much more enjoyable than watching my own portfolio tick lower, or watching the market indexes crawl frantically into into the basement like scared children in a horror movie. Enough distractions like this, and I can actually follow through […]