Skousen’s “The Most Important Event in 2015”

Mark Skousen has caught our attention with his big promises and teases several times over the years, and this latest pitch of his looks like a doozy — he’s saying that he has identified the “most important event in 2015,” and that this accomplishment has been completed in “secret” … so what’s the story? Well, […]

Skousen’s “The Best Company Money Can Buy Right Now”

For our Friday File today, before I head out the door to take a week of respite with the family for Thanksgiving (no Friday File next week, by the way, though we will have our annual “Turkey of the Year” piece next week), I thought I’d take a look at a teaser pitch going around […]

The Other Three “Must Buy Before the Election” Picks from Mark Skousen

OK, so I was called away before we got through the rest of Mark Skousen’s ideas for profiting from the election (which he is convinced will bring a victory for Romney and stock market ebullience) — so let’s jump right in and finish sniffing out those picks, shall we? The first three were energy and […]

“Six Investments You Need to Make Before the Election”

There are several different teaser pitches going around these days that profess not only to know how the election will turn out, but which specific investments will be immediately profitable as a result. Which is a pretty hefty dose of tea leaf reading, if you ask me — we’ve got a dead heat election, a […]

“Double Your Money in the Coming Oil Shock” (Mark Skousen)

“12,000 Feet Below the Surface of the Ocean the Last Untouched Reservoir of Crude Oil Lies Waiting — and Only One Company Can Bring It to An Increasingly Desperate World!… “… now oil could be heading for $150 a barrel… politicians are talking about attacking Iran … and everyone is scrambling to tap the tens […]

“Insider Pumps $31.6 Million into this Company as The Stock is Ready to Sky Rocket on February 13”

Mark Skousen has spent the past few days touting a stock that’s supposed to skyrocket TODAY — and your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe was busy lolling about over the weekend, so we’re just getting to it now. And don’t worry, the stock is actually down a bit over the last week or so, so if there’s […]

“When the China Bubble Bursts: 6 Investments to Give You Profits PLUS Protection Through the Coming Crisis”

Today’s teasers come in from Mark Skousen, who edits the Forecasts & Strategies newsletter and has graced our pages a few times in the past — most recently when he touted Cubist Pharmaceuticals very aggressively as a “winning lottery ticket” and “superbug killer” (that one did quite well, thanks to both the FDA and a […]

Killing the Superbug: “Owning this stock is like holding a winning lottery ticket” (Skousen)

Mark Skousen, who is one of those Ph.D-type doctors (economics) and thankfully doesn’t always insist on being called Dr. Skousen (yes, we’re looking at you Dr. Leeb), is pitching a health care stock today as a teaser for his Forecasts and Strategies newsletter. And like some folks we’ve heard from in the past, he’s teasing […]