“America’s #1 Cryptocurrency”: The “Secret Currency” Pitched by Steve Sjuggerud and the Stansberry Folks

A sudden avalanche of folks have been asking about this pitch again, so I thought I’d re-share and update my thoughts on something I wrote in the Friday File for the Irregulars back in October of 2013 … so yes, this is getting a little old. Much of this is from that original note, or […]

Steve Sjuggerud’s “Safest Currency” and “Perfect Hedge”

“NOTE: The following presentation is based on information obtained from a closed-door meeting at the New York Stock Exchange. It contains details of the exact timeline when the next stock market crash is set to occur.” That’s the intro to the latest pitch for Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth — so yes, it starts out with […]

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Are Americans Really Now Collecting From a “Reverse Income Tax Fund?”

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of snooping around in Ian Wyatt’s teaser for a “Real Estate Tax Rebate,” so when I saw this latest Oxford Club pitch for a “Reverse Income Tax Fund” that you could invest in, well, it seemed only fair to give it a gander. So what’s the story? […]

“The Safest Way to Make a Small Fortune in the Next Five Years”

Steve Sjuggerud just started teasing a new website that he’s launched called valuableproperties.com — which apparently is an add-on to his True Wealth newsletter, at least for now (one presumes that if it’s a big hit, they’ll come up with a way to charge more for it). The ad is posed as an “interview” with […]

“Treasury Rights… most controversial investment of the last 25 years”

We’ve now reached a groundswell of eager reader questions about Steve Sjuggerud’s “Treasury Rights” teaser, so let’s dig in and have a look. Steve’s letter tells us that this is “the most realistic way to make outrageous ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ gains today” … a very tantalizing promise indeed. And of course, for the full information about these […]

“How to grab 100% or more from the American Paradox of 2012.”

Over the last several months we’ve seen several ads touting Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth Systems, which is apparently a big quantitative screening “supercomputer” that Steve subcontracted to some computer programmers — and which is supposed to identify investing anomalies that he can then write about to his subscribers, who then will profit. And I can’t […]

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