“Pure Income,” the “11% Promise” and the “Ultra-Dividend Stocks”

The folks at the Sovereign Society launched a new newsletter services called Pure Income this week, with the first official recommendations apparently being released yesterday — and yes, the ads for the new letter teased us about those three ads … which means we want to know what they are now. And no, we’re not […]

“One Sweet Ride: Big, fat, MONTHLY dividend checks”

Many of the readers out there in the great Gumshoe Universe love Roger Conrad — or at least, they love his steadfast attachment to high-dividend stocks that comes through in pretty much all of his newsletters whether they focus on sexier/riskier high yields (Big Yield Hunting), boring “essential services” stuff (Utility Forecaster), Canadian or Australian […]

“The Rarest Securities on Earth”

The folks at StreetAuthority are running a teaser along the same lines of several they’ve run in the past, one that touts the “rarest securities on earth” — these are Enhanced Income Securities, they are sold by different names but essentially are just stapled securities, a high-yield bond tacked on to a share of stock, […]

“Rarest Security on Earth: Average 17.2% Yield”

I intended to work some more on Peter Schiff’s picks today, but the level of interest in that piece yesterday was, well, underwhelming — so I’ll work on something else for a bit and come back to our friend Mr. Schiff a bit later. Today I wanted to take a look at an ad that’s […]