“The Future of our Next Internet Depends on this Tiny Breakthrough”

I was reading the latest pitch for the “next Internet” and thinking that it was yet another spiel about the “Internet of Things” that we’ve covered so many times (like the Fool’s “The Internet Disappears” or Marc Lichtenfeld’s “Web 3.0″ pitch)… … or even about the “wearable tech” revolution that’s often likened to the “Internet […]

“Breakthrough ‘Magic Bullet’ Technology Crushes Cancer Tumors Within 36 Hours…”

Patrick Cox is at it again with some teaseriffic promises — this time, we’re told that … “This is a Rare Opportunity to Own a Little-Known Biotech Company that’s Making Medical History…” Of course, nearly everything that passes through the floodgates here at Gumshoe HQ is a “rare opportunity” … otherwise, why on earth would […]

“A few of this small company’s lucrative patents could turn into kingmakers.” (Patrick Cox’s Quantum Computers)

When I saw the recent ads for Technology Profits Confidential, edited by Patrick Cox, I almost passed them by — after all, the language and hype is quite similar to the several ads of his (for the more expensive Breakthrough Technology Report) that I wrote about in recent years, most of which touted stem cell […]