Palm Beach Letter

Broad investing letter from Michael Masterson, aimed at contrarian/alternative investments and income.

“The Federal Reserve’s 94-Year ‘Override’ Income Secret—Exposed”

Apparently the world has royalties on the brain this week … or at least, the part of the world that lives in Florida and has worked for Porter Stansberry. Frank Curzio, who writes from northern Florida, I think, has been pushing for royalty stocks, most recently patent and pharmaceutical royalties, for his expensive Phase 1 […]

Palm Beach’s “Better Than Bullion: How to Make 550% From the ‘Paper’ Silver Crisis.”

“Shocking Investigation Reveals: “How a tiny handful of institutions (including a branch of the Chinese government) are creating the greatest resource opportunity in over 34 years… “Why thousands of unprepared investors could lose everything… “Three specific ways to make serious gains as the price of this substance jumps 550% over the next year.” That’s how […]

“‘The Golden Cross’… Is It the Greatest Investment Secret Ever Played?” (Palm Beach Letter)

Note: This article was originally published as a Friday File for the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars on October 26. At that time I did not own shares personally, but I now do own shares and have an additional limit order in to buy more if the price drops. The ad has still been running recently, and […]

“The Technology Heist of The Decade” (Palm Beach Letter)

It’s been a few months since I last wrote about a teaser pitch from the Palm Beach Letter, the “entry level” letter from Common Sense Investing that was started in the last year or so by ex-Stansberry pundit Tom Dyson and marketing guru Michael Masterson/Mark Ford. (Yes, I say “entry level” even though this is […]

“Dividend Diluvia” and the “Fed Savings Account” Secret

I haven’t written much about the Palm Beach Letter, but Tom Dyson and Michael Masterson/Mark Ford have been given free reign to pitch their newsletter to most of the Agora and Stansberry mailing lists, it appears, so we sure see a lot of their ads. And lots of folks have been asking about this one, […]

Think Like a Rich Guy and Buy “Intrinsic Art”

The latest newsletter to head our way via a big and mysterious marketing pitch is called The Palm Beach Letter, signed by a guy named Mark Ford — who is apparently the same dude as Michael Masterson, who has for a long time been a big name in copywriting and self-help “work from home” marketing […]

“The secret toll-free phone call that enables you to increase your dividend yield by 10-times or more”

I’ve been getting lots of questions about this secret toll-free phone number this week, so I thought I should try to take a look for you today. Apparently it’s all about some way to boost your dividend by calling a special phone number — which can’t help but conjure up a mental image of vast […]

“America’s #1 Millionaire Maker” – Tom Dyson

Tom Dyson edits the 12% Letter — a newsletter that, you will probably be unsurprised to hear, aims to recommend investments that provide high income using dividends (and other strategies). His publisher has been pushing out an ad lately that touts their “dividend capture” strategy, which I don’t have the heart to describe yet again […]

“One Share Millionaire” with the “U.S. Postal Secret”

Quite a number of you, it appears, have seen this recent ad from Stansberry & Associates, trying to sell you a subscription to the 12% Letter by Tom Dyson. The teaser begins with the intriguing promise that there’s a “Postal secret” that will let you become a “1 share millionaire.”
“Whether stocks go up or down… some companies return tens of thousands of dollars a month starting with just a single share. But you can’t buy them on the market: They’re available through the U.S. mail. ‘It’s almost impossible not to make money’… says the SF Chronicle. What?

The 424 Dividend Boost — 12% Letter

“While most folks earn tiny 2%-6% dividends on Blue Chips (like Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, and AT&T) savvy Americans are secretly “boosting” those small yields to dizzying heights – earning incredible 30%-50% on the exact same shares. Originally available only to executives at America’s richest Blue Chip firms, this income secret is now available to […]

“Bonded Trusts — Bailout Loophole Creates Massive Windfall”

Today’s investment teaser ad comes to us from the fine folks at Stansberry & Associates — this time it’s from Tom Dyson, for his 12% Letter … which, as you might imagine, is aimed at dividend income. And it is, at least, more honestly named than the “25% Cash Machine” that another publishing house offers […]

“Receive $1,400 on May 30 … World’s Safest 9% Dividend” Dyson

I know many of my readers are dividend fiends, and I always appreciate a buck in my pocket as much as the next guy, so I thought this latest missive from Tom Dyson at Stansberry and Associates might be worth a look. The ad actually began as a Daily Wealth article last month — back […]

“Invest in the Most Efficient Way to Feed the World”

This teaser is a very brief one, from Tom Dyson for his International Strategist newsletter. Dyson is known better to the Gumshoe faithful for his role as the progenitor of the 801(k) strategy that so many of you have found compelling, which was part of a teaser for his 12% Letter on income investing. He […]

“U.S. 801K Plans — double the returns from 401Ks!”

There’s a new teaser going around from a Stansberry newsletter, this time it’s from the 12% Letter by Tom Dyson, and it’s teasing us about a secret retirement plan they call the 801K. They’ve got a special report to send you called How to build a $1,000,000 Retirement with “U.S. 801(k) Plans” … and all […]