“The One Company Hell-bent on Stopping Cyber Crime” (Motley Fool)

Cyber security looks like it’s going to become a pretty enticing target for newsletter teasers — we all know about the risks of identity theft, online scams, and unauthorized access to your bank accounts and credit cards, and we also know, thanks to the highly publicized fight between Google and the Chinese government (among many […]

“‘Inevitable’ disaster erases 117 years of American progress…” Motley Fool

This teaser starts, as so many of them do, by drawing a picture of the horrible future that a chosen stock can prevent … “On a hot summer day, just after the sun reaches its highest point, it begins… “Within minutes, cell phones go silent. Oil refineries shut down. Flights are grounded. Assembly lines grind […]

“Motley Fool’s #1 Stock… overdue for more dramatic growth?”

The Foolies are really ramping up their advertising again, it seems — I haven’t had this many questions about a teaser in quite a while. The ad now is for their flagship Stock Advisor newsletter, and it teases “The Motley Fool’s #1 Stock”. Here’s how they get us started: “While America is captivated by the […]

“Billion Dollar Blitzkrieg — 3 Unique Investment Opportunities” Motley Fool

Today, for our sleuthing pleasure, we’ll be looking at an email ad that a good number of folks have forwarded to me in just the last couple minutes — here’s how the Motley Fool entices us to start reading … “‘Billion Dollar Blitzkrieg’ “IT’S COMING… And it could make 2010 the most profitable year of […]

“America’s Hidden Resource: Poised to hand you generous profits”

This teaser ad comes in for a newsletter I’ve written about many, many times over the past couple years, the Motley Fool Stock Advisor. And this is a good ‘ol patriotic “stand up and cheer” ad — all about how the Chinese can’t beat us when we’ve got some of the most critical technology and […]

“The Motley Fool’s Next 10-Bagger”

Few terms get as much of a rise out of investors as “10 bagger”, the term popularized by Peter Lynch that refers to a stock that increases 10 times in value — and perhaps for good reason, since these kinds of hyper growth stories, even if they take a decade or more to unfold, are […]

Motley Fool’s “One American Brand” Could Double Within a Few Years

“ONE AMERICAN BRAND POISED TO POWER INTO THE GLOBAL MAINSTREAM! “Every decade or so, a brand is born in America that goes up like a moon shot and becomes a recognizable symbol all over the world… Brands like Levis… Coca-Cola… Harley-Davidson… Heinz… McDonalds… GE… Budweiser… Disney… Gillette… Pepsi… The Gap… IBM… Wal-Mart… Apple… Nike… Microsoft… […]

The One Stock to Buy for the Next Ten Years

The Motley Fool is sending out an ad that claims to have chosen “The Only Stock to Own 2009-2019.” Now there’s a promise, no? The assumption of almost all pundits and pontificators, myself included, is that this awful market might represent a remarkable buying opportunity — at least, an opportunity for those who make the […]

“Recession-Proof Business Poised for 100% Gains” Motley Fool

The good folks at Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor newsletter have another teaser for us … they think they’ve got a “virtually recession-proof” stock for you to buy … in their words: “On Sale Now… a Virtually Recession-Proof Business Poised for 100% Gains… “An investment story like this doesn’t come along very often… “It’s a business […]

Still Super? Fool’s “American Super Brand” Endures

Newsletters are notorious for re-using the same ad copy for years and years and years, and the Motley Fool is no different — when they get a marketing pitch that really works, they keep trotting it out again, and again, and again. I’ve mentioned this before, particularly with their “Next Berkshire Hathaway” pick that gets […]

Motley Fool’s “Peter Lynch-Style Super Investment”

Ah, another one from the Motley Fool! Like mother’s milk, it nourishes the Gumshoe so to pore through a ponderous Fool tome in search of clues to great stocks. Today, we’re blessed with a teaser letter for the Hidden Gems newsletter, with the letter coming from Bill Mann, who runs that newsletter in partnership with […]

Motley Fool’s “Brand Inside a Brand: The Next Intel”

OK, so I’m starting to think that Fyodor Dostoyevsky has been reincarnated as a Motley Fool copywriter — the amount of text they throw into their teaser emails, many of them ten pages long or longer, is a bit ridiculous … I’d say they lead the industry in that category. But more to the point, […]

“Five Rule Makers: The Fool’s Power Stocks”

This one’s a little bit different, since the Motley Fool is selling not a subscription necessarily, but a special report called “The NEW Rule Makers: 5 Power Stocks You’ll Never Want to Sell.” Rule Makers is an old term from the Motley Fool lexicon, they’re the ideal evolution from the “Rule Breakers” that Dave Gardner […]

“Like Dell in 1990 … Now is the Time to Get in”

I’m finding that sleuthing out stock picks is a healthy way to indulge in my stock market addiction on days like this, when I would otherwise be throwing money at what look to me like serious bargains, only to watch them fall a further 10 or 20% in the minutes following my purchase. So in […]

“The Secret Real Estate Rocket”

When the Motley Fool Hidden Gems newsletter sends out a teaser email, I always pay attention — not only because I was a subscriber to that service a few years ago and generally liked the newsletter, but because it has recently ranked as the best newsletter in the country, according to Hulbert … and that’s […]