What’s Tony Sagami’s “$1 Dynamo” of Australian Shale Gas?

I was just mentioning Tony Sagami the other day, in a reference to his teaser pitch about some bird flu companies a year or so ago that turned out to be a lucrative idea, so it caught my attention when a bunch of readers asked about his latest ad spiel over the weekend. Turns out, […]

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“Stocks That Can Benefit from the New Bird Flu Outbreak”

Tony Sagami has a new trading service being launched that focuses on Asian stocks, called The Asian Century — it appears that his old service, Asia Stock Alert, has gone quietly into the good night without me noticing, as have several of the newsletters that rode the Chinese dragon both up and down over the […]

“Smash China’s Monopoly” (Asian Profit Play #3)

“Asian Profit Play #3: “A Company About To Smash China’s Monopoly On Rare Earth Minerals. A Probable Triple!” I don’t know whether there’s something magic about a “triple” that makes Tony Sagami use it as his default promise for stock picks, but for some reason his latest ad that promised three Asian profit plays touted […]

Indonesian Coal: “Asian Profit Play #2″

I wrote a bit about Tony Sagami’s Asian Profit Play #1 last week, so it seems only appropriate to follow up with a look at numbers two and three — two other stocks that he thinks will benefit from the continuing growth in China and elsewhere in Asia, and that he’d be delighted to tell […]

“Asian Profit Play #1: $3 Stock Headed to $9″

Sometimes the world just gives you a bad case of the “blahs.” The politicians are disappointingly putting their own political prospects above national interests, unemployment is terrible, friends are out of work, our houses are worth less than we thought, the world is in decline and we should be moving to a rural farm, burying […]