What’s the “Queen’s Shocking Private ‘Account'”

The latest ad from Ryan Cole for his Unconventional Wealth newsletter has been pushing a lot of questions our way — and I can understand why. He throws around examples of extraordinary wealth created from very small beginnings, of big-name folks who benefited from these “Queen’s Account” investments like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Bill Gross, John […]

“Franklin IRA” — what’s the “Secret LIFETIME Income Stream Found INSIDE Benjamin Franklin’s Will?”

I thought this was going to be another pitch for what’s lately been teased very aggressively as invisible “770 Account” participating whole life insurance by the Palm Beach Folks… so I almost tossed the email (there are only so many times you can run through that story). But this is a little bit different — […]

What is the 12% “Phi Account” teased by Unconventional Wealth?

This article was originally published more than two years ago, but the details haven’t really changed and the ad is running heavily again and generating questions — so we’re republishing it, with no changes (it’s not a stock, so it hasn’t had the regular quarterly updates or news flow). What follows has not been updated […]

“Could This Obscure California ‘Junk Food’ Company Be on the Verge of Ending the Obesity Epidemic?”

If they’re not going to pass out a lot of clues, we might have to call this “guessing.” But that’s OK — we’re pretty good guessers. And enough folks have asked about this Unconventional Wealth teaser pitch that I thought we should cover it … even if I might not be able to give you […]

What is the “Ten Hills Technique” and a “patented reverse-mining technology”

Early on in the teaser ad for his Unconventional Wealth newsletter, Andrew Snyder tells us that he’s discovered an investment so mysterious and profitable that he had to make up words to describe it … like “reverse mining” — here’s how he puts it: “If you’ve never heard of reverse mining, you’re not alone. I […]

What is the “Form 590 Retirement Secret?”

The gang from Insiders Strategy Group, (which used to be called Taipan), are pushing folks to sign up for a subscription to Unconventional Wealth, (which used to be called Safe Haven Investor), and as part of that push they’re teasing us that they’ve identified a secret that they refer to as “Form 590” that will […]

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