“The Secret Metal (Better than Gold) that Could Add a Zero to Your Net Worth”

This latest pitch coming through from the Wealth Daily folks, for Jimmy Mengel’s The Crow’s Nest advisory, has caught the attention of plenty of Gumshoe readers — it starts with a long spiel about tapping into the “secret” holdings of billionaires by using a SEC disclosure rule that these rich folks are all fighting tooth […]

“This Secretive Argentinian Just Solved Our Energy Crisis”

I should tell you up front that this isn’t the newest teaser in my inbox — I’ve had it come in from readers a few times in the last month or so, but I think it was probably written right around the beginning of the year … in part because of some of the specific […]

“The Nuclear Problem You’re Not Hearing About”

Today’s teaser ad comes in from Nathan Slaughter, who’s trying to entice us to subscribe to his Scarcity & Real Wealth newsletter, a new offering from the StreetAuthority folks that’s focused, as you can probably guess, on investing in mining, energy and commodities. And though the ad has been running for about two weeks as […]

“Bank 1369% Off Mongolia’s Secret Uranium Rush”

Today I’m running late for a performance by one of my fabulously talented children, so I have to give you just a brief answer and open up the floor for questions and comments — let you, in short, do the research without much of a head start from me. I can, however, at least tell […]

“Hidden Assets in Natrona County” (Ian Cooper)

I haven’t looked at a teaser for any of Ian Cooper’s newsletters in a while, so when this ad for the Pure Asset Trader crossed my screen it piqued my interest — it’s got a few teasers in it, some of them a bit thin on the clues, but I think we can probably tickle […]

“The Most Profitable Nuclear Advancement in 50 Years… ‘Monster Metal’”

Lots of folks have been asking about this pitch from Alternative Energy Speculator, a newsletter that has brought us a few interesting ideas (and, of course, a few duds) in the past. At the moment they’re charging about $500 for a year’s subscription, and clearly there are a lot of folks who’d like to learn […]

More “Pit Bull” Plays from Mt. Vernon

Yesterday we looked at the “one shot” heart disease biotech stock from Marc Lichtenfeld, who’s one of the group that Mt. Vernon Research is calling their “pit bulls” as they pitch the special report with some favorite picks from the gang. And lo and behold, they go on to tease a bunch of other investments […]

Better than Buying Exxon 20 Years Ago — 60-75% Gains by Year End?

Elliott Gue made a name for himself as an energy stock analyst before he took over the much larger Personal Finance, and he still gets the teaser ads rolling pretty frequently for his Energy Strategist newsletter (now he calls the subscribers the “Energy Society” … feels more special, no?) And lately he’s been pushing a […]

“The Nuclear Monopoly that Cannot Fail” Wealth Advisory

OK, I’m just about out of time as I rush to begin the fabulous Gumshoe vacation, but I’ve got a quick new one to share with you before I get sand between my toes. This one is from an ad for the Wealth Advisory, by Steve Christ, and it’s about uranium enrichment. I can’t go […]

Second “Energy Crisis Pick?” Not so much. Argh.

I wrote last night about the energy crisis pick that was being teased as a beneficiary of the “Dallas Step Change Resolution,” and, if you’ll recall, I ran out of steam (and words) before getting to the second company that was teased in that ad. The ad was for Mike Burnick’s Market Shock Trader, and […]

MEGA-U308: Bonus Pick from the Forum

Many of you have been interested in the MEGA-U308 teaser that’s been circulating from GRESSOR and Taipan recently. I’ve had several readers send in the suggested solution to this one, but I wasn’t ever able to confirm with as much certainty as I would like … thanks to the forum, though, readers like you can […]

“Hot Uranium Stock to Buy Now”

I may as well have called this post, “another frickin’ uranium teaser” — it’s getting a little ridiculous right now. I think we can probably count all the investment newsletters that aren’t trying to jump on the uranium bandwagon on one hand. But hey, there’s no denying that uranium is in a bull market (though […]

“The Pope of Uranium”

That is definitely the oddest title I’ve ever heard of anyone being given. But give it they did — at least, in a newsletter solicitation that a reader cut and pasted and sent to me. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the email is from so I’ll just paste all the info I have about this […]