What’s the “$1 ‘Silver Shot’ Poised to Skyrocket 12,785%?”

I originally wrote about “Silver Shots” as teased by Zachary Scheidt for his Velocity Trader about a year and a half ago, but much has changed over that time and an extremely similar ad is running right now, so I thought I should give it another look. Here’s how the teaser sounds: “Silver Hits Critical […]

What the Heck are “Turbo Caps?” I’m so glad you asked …

“Can you really make 6,800%… 12,300%… and 13,900%… all in ONE DAY?” “WANTED “Bold Investors to Test-Drive New ‘Turbo Cap’ Niche Market “Help me prove it’s really possible to turn $5,000 into as much as $1.5 million in the next six months… and I’ll give you a FULL YEAR of our breakthrough new service, Taipan’s […]