“An opportunity to ‘back up the truck’ on this new HOT stock at a significantly reduced price.”

Today we’re looking at a newsletter from Doug Casey’s stable, the first one of his teasers that I’ve looked at in quite a while. The pitch is that Marin Katusa has picked 19 consecutive winning stocks for his Casey’s Energy Report, and that you can subscribe now to get in on pick number 20, which […]

“Limitless Profit … from Sonoma Grizzly Power”

Now this is what a teaser ad is all about — a bold copywriter doing enough research into the history of a particular investment thesis or company to track down something worthy of an action movie screenplay, and using that to hook our interest in a newsletter. Good stuff. Today it’s Byron King, better known […]

“Slow Volcano Power”

In all the time I’ve put in as your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe, I think this might be the most-forwarded email ad I’ve seen yet. People are clearly intrigued by this teaser for the “slow volcano power” company … either that, or it’s the Gumshoe’s smoldering, soulful and sensuous eyes that make everyone think “volcano!” […]

“Geothermal Energy…That’s Hot”

This one comes in from Greg Guenthner in an ad for the Bulletin Board Elite service, which, as you can imagine, aims to ferret out the few gems among the scams, unprofitable startups, dying companies, and shells that populate the otc and bulletin board stock listings. I don’t know if he’s been successful at that […]