“Stent in a Pill — blockbuster!”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 17, 2007

A reader sent this one in recently, and it’s a very short term bet so I’ll type my response up more quickly than usual:

Here’s the deal: The Jump Start Package from Volume Spike Alert, whatever that is, wants you to subscribe … and in return, they’ll tell you about the company that has developed a “stent in a pill” that will revolutionize heart treatment.

Here’s what they say:

“In only days, this small-cap drug maker is expected to reveal that it has cleared the final FDA hurdle to selling its miracle heart drug.”

“Once the news is out, we’re looking at possibly the fastest gain I’ve seen in my entire career. So if you’ve got the guts for a profit joy ride, get ready to …

Double Your Money in 72 Hours

This company is going to present Phase III data at the ACC meeting at the end of March, if not before (that’s American College of Cardiology, in this case their i2 Scientific Sessions in New Orleans).

The email is long on panic and short on details:

“There will be a feeding frenzy on this stock”

The only other real clue offered is that they’ve already got a billion dollar deal with a big pharma company to market this drug.

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SO it’s not a lot to go on, but your friendly Stock Gumshoe can look into his mindomatic and tell you that the company hoping to sell this “Stent in a Pill” is …

AtheroGenics (AGIX)

The company they have a deal with for a billion bucks is Astra Zeneca, which is desperately trying to rebuild its pipeline.

And the stock has cratered since this email ad went out, it appears, on fears that they won’t really have the data crunched in time for the March 24-27 meeting (this drug has had a rocky history, so I dont’ think many people are taking it as gospel that this phase III trial is a success — just look at the wild pricing for April options in AGIX to see the bets people are laying down on either side.)

The drug is called AGI-1067, and the trial is called the ARISE trial … so that ought to be enough to get you started. I wouldn’t go near this one without a lot more research, but it seems like the consensus is that there will be massive volatility in the shares no matter what the result of the study is … or probably, even if the study is delayed, this is certainly being treated on the Street as a one-trick pony. Want to put it all on black? Or red?

Good luck to you — remember, the Stock Gumshoe can tell you what the company is, but I can’t make the company a good investment. Or take the blame. (Credit, I’ll take)

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Ouch I guess not so much for this one!

cretus goldfarb

Not a premeditated conspiracy, and certainly never the intent to do purposeful harm…. but the pharmas skirt that evanescent border between doing good, and doing good obliquely…. where greed vs need is always hovering.

My point? One of the quintessential paragons of wellness, yes one item which reverses blood vessel occlusion and nourishes the endothelial tissue (read hyper critical membrane of our homo sapiens blood pipes!) published the, not a, definitive study how Pomegranate cures the most abused of blood vessels.