“The Doctor’s Retirement Package: SNiP Technique”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 12, 2007

This is one of several companies that were teased by The Medical Investor (whose special report tease about a medical device I just wrote up earlier today).

They’re basically arguing that this SNiP technique, which stands for single nucleotide polymorphism, is revolutionizing healthcare, and that you need to get involved with the companies that are profiting from it.

Essentially, this is about genetic testing to determine what diseases you might have (or be susceptible to). There’s plenty of gobbledygook about the science in the ad if you want to read that yourself. This is a broad concept, and for the companies working in this field it’s about finding the genes that determine your weight, your receptiveness (or adverse reactions to) various medications, etc.

In their own words, “Most people don’t know it, but doctors can now diagnose many diseases very early in their progression, simply by looking at your genes and biomarkers. And they can even tell, simply by running a few tests, which diseases you are likely to get in the future.”

The “SNiP Technique” encompasses a slew of new diagnostic devices, drugs, and therapies—all of which test and treat you as an individual—based on your specific genetic makeup and biomarkers.”

And they cite a few companies that have already done very well thanks to some aspect of this SNiP stuff — including Affymetrix, Illumina and Immucor. All of them have had dramatic stock market returns.

And they offer a special report on this topic, but also offer to provide to you specifically “The 2 best SNiP Technique investments right now.”

And I think you know where we’re going with this — do you want to subscribe to the newsletter and get their special report? Or do you just want to find out the name of these two companies that the newsletter advisors think you should be buying right now?

I thought so. I’ll do this in two parts.

What they call “SNiP Technique Investment #2” is a company that does testing for a range of microorganisms. What clues are given?

“the company has developed tests for HIV, hepatitis C, and the West Nile Virus in our nation’s blood supply”

“In Nov. 2005, President Bush gave this company the National Medal of Technology—our country’s highest honor for technological innovation.”

“Since 2003 this stock has been on a straight climb higher… up about 330% during that time. We believe those gains are only the beginning.”

So you can sign up to get their special report if you like — it’s called “The Doctor’s Retirement Package—How the SNiP Technique can Make you a Fortune Over the Next 5 Years.”

Or, you can just read on:

The Stock Gumshoe cognitationizer is running at half speed, so we’re supplying the name of one of these companies: SNiP Technique Investment #2 is …

Gen-Probe (GPRO)

They did indeed receive the 2004 National Medal of Technology from the White House (in a November, 2005 ceremony) for their testing technology, largely because of the protection it offers for the blood supply.

Unlike many of the biotech stocks I see in my efforts, this isn’t a tiny, unprofitable startup that trades over the counter — they’re on the Nasdaq, and they even have earnings (though they’re naturally not particularly cheap). And while it’s true that they have gone up over 330% since 2003, almost all of that gain happened during 2003 — the shares came close to $40 by early 2004 and are currently trading at about $48, though there has certainly been volatility along the way.

More on this in the near future as I tease out SNiP Technique Investment #1 … until then, happy researching, and let us know if you have any opinions to share about Gen-Probe, the SNiP Technique, or anything else.

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