“The Pope of Uranium”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 13, 2007

That is definitely the oddest title I’ve ever heard of anyone being given.

But give it they did — at least, in a newsletter solicitation that a reader cut and pasted and sent to me. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the email is from so I’ll just paste all the info I have about this company here so I can share the solution with you:

The company was called “Uranium Fortune-Maker #2,” and here’s the text that a reader forwarded:

“Talk about a fast-mover. This little beauty tripled in value for investors over a two-month span beginning last November.”

“This is an emerging exploration company with an unparalleled management team. Now, everyone in the business will admit that uranium exploration geologists are scarce as hen’s teeth. And finding guys that have experience with getting the needed permits, planning, producing, and managing ISL projects is even harder!”

“But this company has somehow managed to pull together an all-star team of uranium exploration geologists and a management squad with over 100 years’ combined experience in the business.”

“There’s more. Get this: my Uranium Fortune-Maker #2 has secured a man for their advisory board known to the industry as the “Uranium Pope.” This guy wrote the book on uranium ore deposits – literally – and has published over fifty papers and six books on uranium.”

“The company currently has ongoing projects in Wyoming, Mongolia and Saskatchewan. Their Saskatchewan property is located near the lucrative Athabasca Basin, which accounts for approximately 30% of the world’s primary production of uranium.”

So there are three key clues here: First, the stock price tripling from November to the date this was written (which I would surmise was quite recent, based on the chart).

Second, the “Uranium Pope” on the advisory board.

and Third, the specific locations of the projects — Wyoming, Mongolia, and Saskatchewan.

And after the Gumshoe shovels that information into the Thinkolator, the answer emerges, shiny and new:

Uranerz (URZ).

This company did triple from early November, well under $2, to a point in February when it peaked near $6. It has since gone up a bit more, but it’s still under $7.

The “Uranium Pope”, though I don’t know that anyone else calls him that, is Franz Dahlkamp — he’s the only prominent author who has those precise numbers of publications, as far as I can tell. He’s on the advisory board of Uranerz and is a former Uranerz geologist, and has also served on at the advisory board of least one other uranium company recently, Strathmore Minerals (he resigned in December). The company actually has a somewhat convoluted history, since the original Uranerz, which was around for decades, was actually bought by Cameco a number of years ago. The name was then resuscitated by the current management team, most of whom worked for the original Uranerz as well, about two years ago.

Don’t know if this is a great company, but it’s certainly a pure play on Uranium. Their warrants have almost all been exercised so the structure is a little easier to understand than it might have been, though they’re (of course) not profitable yet. And while they’re a play on uranium, it appears that they’re not actually producing any yet — we’re talking about test wells and exploration of staked areas, for the most part, though they are partnering with other companies to reduce their exploration costs. If anyone has looked into this one in more detail and wants to share more, feel free. And if you know who sent out this ad, let me know and I’ll add it to the spreadsheet.

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April 19, 2007 8:39 pm

this uranium pope story comes from Mike Schaefer of the Wealth Daily group.
the report:

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