Holiday Weekend Reading and Some Reader Sleuthing

Greetings, fearless readers.

No big new sleuthing project today, but I will share a couple solutions from readers that I haven’t been able to write up in full:

1) There’s a teaser going around from Matt Badiali that’s called “Fraser’s Legacy,” for S&A’s Gold Report, which discusses four ‘Prospect Generators.’ The report is called, “How to Triple Your Net Worth in 5 Years or Less.” The full tease is available from Stansberry here.

He writes these Canadian companies “…don’t produce gold. They don’t mine gold. All they do is go out and find gold.” Can readers discover the identities of these companies?

I’m almost 100% sure that #2 is Kaminak Gold Corp (KAM:TSXV) while number 3 is
Minco Mining & Metals Corporation (TSX: MMM; AMEX: MGH). I suspect #4 might be
Yamana Gold Inc (YRI.TO AUY:NYSE) but I’m not sure. I don’t know the identity
of #1.

So … I haven’t looked at these at all — any other readers want to have a a crack, or believe this reader is correct in his surmising? I forgot to ask him whether he wanted to be anonymous, so I didn’t give his name here.

2) Fellow sleuth Streetsifter, an Irregular who has already graced us with one solution, also believes he’s solved Ann Sosnowski’s newest teaser pick. In his words:

She’s recommending a home health care provider as the “best synergy company” and the key giveaways are:

“Last February, this company announced that it would begin trading its shares on the Nasdaq Global Market”

“the company has 74 service locations in Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Alabama, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana”

“In January 2007, the company finished its ninth acquisition since 2004”

The solution is Almost Family, INC (AFAM)

The February announcement regarding the Nasdaq Global Market is available here.

A directly matching quote on the “74 service locations” and the “ninth acquisition since 2004 is here.

So … sounds like pretty good sleuthing to me, but I haven’t verified it.

And 3) Several readers have written in that there is a 4D seismic imaging company being teased pretty heavily by Andrew Mickey at Breakaway Investor, who calls it the “The #1 oil play for the next ten years.”

That one, according to a unanimous group of sleuths, is Input-Output (IO) … I’ll take their word for it, but haven’t checked the details.

So … three freebies for you, without my usual windbag commentary.

In other news, I’ve finally caught up with the re-ordering of the most popular pages from the Gumshoe — it’s on the sidebar, so for those of you new to this site you might check it out if you want to see some of the other stuff I’ve covered.

And I’ve also fully updated the tracking spreadsheet, including a link for each company to the post where I wrote it up. You can see this in chronological order on the web version linked from the sidebar, or you’ll see a link under that to download it in Excel if you want to tinker with it or reorder it yourself. The only thing we’re not tracking at the moment are Voyant, which Google Finance hasn’t apparently fixed the ticker for yet, and IPOSX, since Google Finance doesn’t give ticker info for mutual funds.

For those who haven’t looked at the tracking spreadsheet in a while (or ever), the only really big movers lately have been the Somali oil investment — I must say that I remain a bit skeptical of this one, but that’s been the wrong call over the last couple days as they’ve shot up something like 50% — and aQuantive, the Motley Fool’s pick as the “next Google,” which was bought out by Microsoft (which I guess was the previous Google) at a huge premium.

Australia, home to a pretty large number of my readers, has brought most of the really nice short term returns for these newsletter teased companies — Rusina (Filipino nickel mine), Range Resources (the Somali oil folks noted above), Lynas (rare earth minerals), and Silex systems (uranium enrichment) are all in the black, with the three miners being dramatically higher (the first two were from Chris DeHaemer at Taipan), and little Ceramic Fuel Cell Systems is only down about 9%. You can find all of those writeups with the Google search box at the top if you’re interested.

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Other broad impressions from the body of work so far: Navellier’s got three of four picks down quite a bit, the Motley Fool has almost all of their many picks up a bit, and the average, if you throw everything together and ignore the fact that they were all bought at different times, has been a return of 8% from the date of the teaser email to today. If anyone wants to download the limited amount of data we’ve got so far and compare this stuff to the S&P or do anything more complicated, feel free — please let us know if you learn anything interesting.

Have a great holiday, American readers … and a great weekend to the rest of you.