MEGA-U308: Bonus Pick from the Forum

Many of you have been interested in the MEGA-U308 teaser that’s been circulating from GRESSOR and Taipan recently. I’ve had several readers send in the suggested solution to this one, but I wasn’t ever able to confirm with as much certainty as I would like … thanks to the forum, though, readers like you can submit your own solutions, too.

And one just did so — he picked the same solution as the majority of readers who sent in emails on this, and though several readers have pointed out that a few of the details in the teaser aren’t accurate, the breadth of suggestions tells me that even though I haven’t confirmed it personally, they’re all most likely correct. I am certainly not an expert on the uranium market, so I’ll step back and let those of you who are run with this one and let us know if you think it’s worth the money.

Here’s the pick if you want to check it out and/or argue with it. FYI, aside from this reader about a half dozen others have suggested this solution via email, none of whom wanted to be mentioned by name. A couple alternative suggestions for this one were sent in, too, but without much conviction or detail. Sorry that I was too stubborn to post those picks without confirming it for myself, though you might also thank me: It’s down 10-20% or so from when I first started seeing this email.

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