“Stealth Solar: Silicon Valley’s Secret Investment.”

Streetsifter strikes again — he sent in this solution for an email that just started circulating, and he sent it in before I had even gotten around to reading the email. He even wrote it up nicely, so most of what follows is just a minor edit of his words (I agree he’s clearly got this one pegged, for what that’s worth):

If you have the spare $1,750, you can subscribe to Sara Nunnally’s Material Profits Wildcatter from Taipan New Services and receive access to her detailed report on the $2 “Stealth Solar” manufacturer of photovoltaic cells whose stock, according to Ms. Nunnally, “could gain 503.2% or more this year.” (The “.2” is a nice touch, don’t you think?)

The teaser includes Sara Nunnally’s statement that, “I can’t reveal the name of the company for fear of running up the share price” and also lists a qualification for subscribers, “You must be able to keep a secret. No blabber mouths. Sharing Material Profits Wildcatter stock picks with people who are not within our private group is strictly prohibited.” What makes that prohibition particularly amusing in the case of this specific stock is that Ms. Nunnally, herself, already “blabbed” and NAMED THE STOCK in a free 13 April 2007 promotional announcement that is still posted here on the Taipan website.

The stock is Solar EnerTech Corp. (OTCBB: SOEN), and even without the benefit of the April “blab”, the updated teaser ad is loaded with so many specific clues that the stock could be tracked down by the Gumshoe’s proverbial blind bloodhound with one nostril.

Confirmation of “new orders from Spain, Malaysia, Turkey and South Africa” is at http://www.solarenertech.com/news/release.asp?numb=227

Also, the teaser ad describes ” $7.5 million in sales from a major energy company in India. Another $8 million in revenue is in the pipeline from an agreement with a Shanghai company. And a $9.2 million sale has been made to a different company in Shanghai”. The news release area of Solar EnerTech’s website has matching information at:


And if those direct hits aren’t enough, a verbatim match of the teaser ads description of a Shanghai plant upgrade producing ” a bright, blue-green veneer across the immense surface area.” can be found here.

The ad describes Solar EnerTech as being at a discount to other solar energy producers, at a minimum an 80% discount to previous Gumshoe-solved stocks SunPower (SPWR) and Trina Solar (TSL). Whether or not that is a credible statement to justify your investing dollar is, as usual, your decision. But saving you the $1,750 subscription fee for the solution to Sara Nunnally’s teaser ad is the pleasure of the Stock Gumshoe, with the help of Irregulars like “Streetsifter”, who pretty much wrote this post.

OK, so that’s what Streetsifter says … and I couldn’t have said it better. I’ve never heard of this tiny company, and the shares don’t seem to have spiked too much on this recommendation yet, but they are up dramatically on the year.

As always, to be a killjoy I’d urge caution with microcap names in hot industries — was the company built to appeal to small time investors, or do they really have the possibility of a strong future going up against SunTech, SunPower, and the like? Suntech has recently gotten clobbered for significantly lower margins because of problems with polysilicon supply, so how does a tiny upstart like this compete in the polysilicon markets? Or do they have to? Just a couple questions to ask yourself.

A couple