The Finest Reruns … Gumshoe Back to the Future with me

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 26, 2007

For those of you who haven’t been with the Gumshoe since day one, you’ll probably notice that there are a lot of these teaser emails that come up again, and again, and again. Sometimes the email changes a little bit, sometimes they just update the stock prices in the teasers, sometimes there’s a new hook — but by and large, they’re the same teasers … for the same newsletters.

Just thought I’d share with you some emails that I’ve seen several times in the last couple weeks that are oldies but goodies, and let you know that there are oldie-but-goodie Gumshoe writeups for you to savor if you care for a trip down memory lane. And this way, I don’t have to email individual responses to the dozens of new readers who are coming across these fabulous teasers in their inboxes for the first time.

So … first, “The tiny company walking in the footsteps of Microsoft,” courtesy of the Motley Fool’s Hidden Gems? Also known as the “Crazy idea that dazzled Bill Gates?”

That’s still Ctrip, which I wrote up here in March (updated). This has been a HG favorite for awhile. All that business about the Oracle engineers and the guy who had an idea that was so great that Bill Gates invested in it? That’s all about the founding of Expedia, which if you’ll recall used to be a Microsoft affiliate. The Oracle engineers were a bunch of techies who went to China and copied the Expedia idea to start their own Chinese online travel agency. They’re also the same folks behind Home Inns, by the way, another popular (though pretty richly valued) China travel stock that’s getting a lot of attention as we run up to the Olympics.

The Global Gains folks over at the Motley Fool also recommended Home Inns — or teased it, to be fair — a little while back as a “Tier Two Monster.” And Robert Hsu has pushed both Ctrip and Home Inns in past teasers, if memory serves — I don’t know if he still likes them at these prices or not.

I’m sure the HG folks are rolling in cabbage from this CTRP recommendation already (they’re up about 60% on the recommendation since I saw the first teaser email), but apparently they still like it and think it’s among their best ideas, so take that as far as you want.

What else has been making the rounds again lately?

Well, Andrew Mickey at Breakaway Investor is really convinced that we shouldn’t miss out on the GPS revolution — specifically, the GPS-in-cell-phone revolution.

So he’s still pushing one of his favorites as the next crossover defense department technology breakthrough … I wrote about this one back in June, and he’s down about 10% on it so far (it did spike up quite a bit higher for a while, but then hit a rough patch).

Others that are coming back to the well? Perhaps one time too many for some?

Tobin Smith has been jabbering about LED technology breakthroughs in ChangeWave Investor or ChangeWave MicroCap for quite some time … for the last couple months it’s all been teasing the same company, according to several Gumshoe readers and forum participants, Lighting Scence Group, which has some kind of deal with the big daddy of LED lighting, Philips. They’ve had an odd summer, a few spikes that might have been related to the Toby recommendations, and they are up a bit since early June, but the ride might make you queasy — down 9% today, which isn’t at all unusual for their recent past.

And again with the Motley Fool — they’ve found some more teasers that must work, and they’re sticking with them. They have a strong history of this — their teasers that tout Markel as the next Berkshire Hathaway for Inside Value have been around for longer than I’ve owned Markel stock, which has been a few years now. And while I don’t see the teasers for Whole Foods as the “New American Super Brand” every day anymore, as I did all Spring, I do still see them every few weeks. They’ve ridden that one all the way down during the WFMI message board hijinks and the glumness over the Wild Oats merger, then back up over the last month or so as the stock recovered … and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it come back next year, too.

But the latest one that’s making the rounds for the Fool multiple times has been the one for the Income Investor service, the teaser about Business Development Companies that supposedly offer a government-guaranteed 16% annual return. Must be working, since I’m seeing it ag