May Idea of the Month: Buy Seadrill for dividends, visibility

I have intimated several times over the past year that I’d like to create some special content that is just for the folks who contribute financially to … well, the good news and the bad news is, I’m almost ready to actually do so. And even though it’s just “almost,” we’re starting today.

Good news because those of you who donate deserve a little something more than the folks who simply read for free … and bad news, because the special private site for the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars is still “under construction.” So I can’t offer you the full functionality of this private site just yet. But I can offer you something today.

So why rush to do this today, after waiting plenty of time to try to squeeze in development efforts for this new site? Well, I actually have a pretty good reason.

Let me first explain what I’ll be providing to you as a “Thank You” for contributors. My intent with this “private” site, which is in the process of being built at, is to share a few things:

First, I’ll do one in-depth look per month at a stock that seems like a compelling investment idea. It might be a stock that I own or have researched in the past, and it will probably often be a stock that has also been teased or recommended by an investing newsletter. This will be during the last week of the month, so I’m launching today and will the next one will be released in the last week of June.

Second, I’ll provide access to all the stocks in my personal portfolio via a list. I’ll also provide notification when my portfolio changes, though I wouldn’t necessarily assume that what I think is right for my portfolio is what’s right for yours. This particular part is in response to past requests from contributors.

And third, I’ll share some other thoughts and comments that don’t really fit at the main site or make sense as a full article at, usually reacting to news that affects companies of interest to me and some of you, probably once a week or so.

So — the reason for rushing something out to you today?

Over the last week, I’ve gotten more and more convinced that there is one single stock that I think everyone should at least consider ...

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