Prospect Generators

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 24, 2009

Matt Badiali gave an interview to the Gold Report recently in which he talked up the “prospect generators” again, mentioning several companies I own and have written about on StockGumshoe (both for teases of his, and from other newsletters).

He mentioned Centamin Egypt, which I sold a while ago, Altius Minerals and Royal Gold, which I currently own, and Eurasian Minerals — all four have been covered in teasers at least once, so if you like to follow little miners or gold the interview might be worth a look. No mention of Sprott Resources, which his fellow Stansberry editor Dan Ferris touted as a prospect generator, and which I also own (though it’s more of a commodity-focused investment fund, really).

Here’s the version that was posted on SeekingAlpha