Buy Hill End’s Gold?

If you’re one of the few folks who has chosen to invest in Hill End Gold (not exactly easy for US investors), I thought I’d pass along the news that you can now actually buy their gold bars … Hill End is pouring gold now from their initial operations, and they’re selling gold directly at what looks like just about exactly the spot price ($1222 Australian). You can see what their little one-ounce bars look like here if you’re interested.

I haven’t tried this, and don’t know that I’d be motivated to do so, but if you’re interested in the story it might be fun to pick up some of the gold, too. You have to own at least 10,000 shares (about $1,200 worth) to buy direct from them, and you have to register with them as a shareholder (don’t know if that’s tough to do if you’re not Australian).

It is, at the least, kind of cool. Enjoy!

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