Swath of Personal Selling — not a market call

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 25, 2009

This note should not be considered to indicate my opinions on any of the stocks herein, or to be any kind of market prognostication about the months ahead (I’m personally worried about the market this fall, but I rarely trade on such short term worries).

But since I’ve promised to disclose my portfolio to you, I need to tell you that, for personal reasons, I’m selling a significant portion (about 30%) of my current stock portfolio and converting it to cash. The personal reasons involve the need for cash for a potential real estate deal, so as I said, it’s nothing to do with my investment thesis in these stocks, this account was just the one that was easiest for me to clear out.

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So, for disclosure as promised, here are the positions I’ve sold — some are full, some are partial and the stock still remains in my portfolio:

Hill End Gold (sold full position)
Ambrian (sold partial position)
Seadrill (sold partial)
Nagacorp (sold full)
Silvercorp Metals (sold full)
Royal Gold (sold full)
Otter Tail (sold full)
Lynas Corp (sold full)
Kinder Morgan Management (sold full)
Hanfeng Evergreen (sold partial)
Gol Linhas Aereas (sold partial — sorry, had this down as “full” first, I forgot about a small holdiing in another account)
Exelixis (sold partial)

So, there you have it — I still own some of these names in other accounts, and in a few months (or sooner, possibly), I may well be re-entering some of these positions, depending on what the pricing looks like at the time. About a third of these positions are being sold at a profit, in most cases a small profit, and most of the others have substantial losses — so at least I’ll get to write these losses off on my taxes … in two or three years, when all the losses I had last year have been used up. I’ll keep you posted of my stock buys and sells, either way.

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