Altius Getting Attention

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 12, 2010

From what I can tell, it sounds like Rick Rule and Brent Cook have recently been talking up Altius Minerals, a favorite of mine and a favored pick of many resource investors who talk up “prospect generators” — the shares have been up significantly in recent days on no particular other news, and have generally trended up for months as their shares in International Royalty became more valuable in the takeover battle and as other positive but more long-term developments have continued to flow (forming a new iron ore exploration company, exploration plans for Alderon on their iron ore property, gold drilling program announcements from Northern Abitibi for the Viking project that Altius holds a royalty on, etc.).

I don’t know that this bump up will hold in the short term … but I do still like Altius a lot, and after the Royal Gold buyout of International Royalty Altius is sitting on even more cash that we can expect them to invest — and, if past is prologue, invest with very lucrative results.  If you’d like to see another nice bullish article on the firm, there’s this from the Newfoundland Business Post.

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This is a long-term hold for me, and I like them more each time I look closely at the company. It’s hard to imagine selling the shares unless they get dramatically overvalued, which is a long way off, or unless the management strategy or picture changes. They have an admirable aim of building a diversified portfolio of royalty interests and limiting their exposure to mining risks and costs by forming joint venture partnerships with operators, something would could lead to them growing into a big royalty firm in the decades to come. They could always have a future problem, like with their failed refinery project that got them so much attention a few years back but collapsed, but given the very limited risk profile of their current investments I don’t see anything like that in my crystal ball.

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