Hodgepodge for a Crazy Week — Two Ferris Teasers, and Two Buys

I have no idea what on earth is going to happen in the markets.

Just wanted to get that out there for you, in case it wasn’t clear. Rapid trading and the instant information age have brought so much volatility, and so many pieces of news that people feel a need to trade on that we’re bound to continue to see more and more wild swings, no matter what new financial regulation may come. People are extraordinary nervous, and probably with good reason.

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But that’s no reason to stop buying shares in good companies — which at times like this can sometimes get awfully cheap. I noted in the preamble to my Idea of the Month article last week that, of course, we should probably all be looking at blue chip stocks that will continue to run the world for the decades to come … but of course, most of those are too boring to write about very often, and while you probably won’t fire your broker for recommending IBM and Coca Cola, you might stop subscribing to newsletters if they continued to tell you t