Copper, Nukes and Chinese Agriculture

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 1, 2010

Before I get into the main focus of today’s note, I want to share two things:

First, a quick solution to another teaser, this one circulating mostly to Australians as an ad for the Diggers and Drillers newsletter from the Aussie affiliate of Agora (Port Phillip Publishing). The stock in question doesn’t trade on the pink sheets and can only really be bought in London or Australia, so most of my readers who have more restrictive brokerage accounts can’t easily buy this stock even if they want to … but lots of folks have asked about it so I thought I should supply at least a quick answer.

This one’s teased as the “Kalahari Carve-Up”, and it’s all about a copper project in Botswana that’s already seen investment from George Soros, and that may be in one of the most prolific copper mining camps of the future. Alex Cowie, the intrepid editor of this newsletter, tells us that he recommended it a few months ago at 79 cents and, following a bankable feasibility study, it’s shot up to AU$1.10. So who is it?

Well, I don’t want to waste your time with copying over the key parts of the teaser, but you can see it here if you want the full hype — I can just tell you that this stock, which has now shot up to more like $AU1.30, must be Discovery Metals (DML in Australia, DME in London). The details of their high-grade copper resources (resources, mind you, not reserves) and their fairly ambitious plan to commission the mine over the next two years are all a perfect match, so if you’re looking for a copper explorer and can trade in those markets this one might warrant a bit of your time — it is, at least, getting a fair amount of attention from Aussie investors of late, but there is at least some news behind the runup, not just (though certainly partially) the increased buying pressure from Diggers and Drillers subscribers.

Second, for those who have been following the very hype-driven story of Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) and their “plans” for a nuclear power plant in Idaho, be on the lookout for a “detailed investigative report” from the folks at — they sent out an email alert yesterday about this report, which they said they’re announcing early because there’s a big insider selling lockup ...

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