New Buys — More Intel, and some “Top Secret” Canyon

This is just a quick update, I’ll probably mention more about these in the near future, and I’ve already written about both stocks. Today I added Canyon Services Group (FRC in Toronto, CYSVF on the pinks) to my personal portfolio with a small entry position — it’s run up quite a bit both before and after I wrote about them for Stansberry’s teaser last week, but even though the premise of the teaser was a little ridiculou I do like the company’s valuation and their modern equipment fleet, and I think they’re poised to do well as Western Canadian fracking continues to grow (and it doesn’t hurt that they are working in an energy-happy part of the world, so they get a bit less political risk than, for example, the folks working the Marcellus or Utica shale plays). I’d like to see the shares pull back before building a bigger position, but at this valuation that might not happen for a while unless the market overall takes a hit.

And I added to my Intel (INTC) holdings, moving most of the money I had in Cisco (CSCO) shares over to Intel — which is probably where I should have concentrated my funds in the first place given the recent relative management performance of the two companies. Intel faces competition and they lag in mobile devices, but they are continuing to innovate and they just raised the dividend again, so the yield is around 3.5% now. They won’t shoot out the lights, but they also won’t lose many corporate battles, and they continue to spit out so much cash that it’s really hard not to like them when they trade at less than 10X next year’s earnings and yield more than the S&P even as they only pay out a third of their earnings as dividends.

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