July Idea of the Month: Buying Future Coal, Oil, Gas and Copper

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 15, 2011

It seems like I’m starting to get into a bit of a rut — many of the stocks I’ve profiled for you recently have been somehow involved in the commodities space, whether little oil stocks, or oil services, or what have you. And despite my fondness for a number of other stocks right now, including personal holdings Intel (INTC) and Google (GOOG) that I think will continue to have great years, and I do have a few other ideas percolating for you that I haven’t gotten comfortable with yet, that commodity focus is going to continue today, though it’s a different kind of company.

I’ve been personally invested in both of the Sandstorm streaming companies (Sandstorm Gold and Sandstorm Metals & Energy, which together used to be called Sandstorm Resources before the split last year) for some time, and you probably have noticed that I’ve written a lot about Sandstorm Gold recently … but in part because Sandstorm Metals was very young and Sandstorm Gold is entering a period when growth — with high gold prices — might be e