Buying a Smidge more Seadrill

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 10, 2011

As I’ve noted over the last week, I’ve got my eye on a number of stocks that seem like long-term winners to me, and which are taking a bit of a beating. Among those is Seadrill, my limit order at around $27.50 hit today and I’ve thus increased my holdings a little bit. At the current price the dividend is well over 11%, and I expect them to continue to pay out this large dividend and, if they can, to increase it — there is some uncertainty over the next couple years as some of their big-money rigs are available for new customers, since the rates probably will not remain at the super-high $650k/day level, but they’re growing, they can get cheap financing these days, and they like to return money to shareholders, all good in my book and, absent a crash in oil prices to $60 or lower, I don’t think these low prices will last.

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