written by reader date certain for stock market crash caused by collapse of the US dollar?

by edbacon | November 11, 2011 9:38 am


Did the government of Russia just move the start of their next fiscal year to April 12, 2012 ?  Is this to coordinate with the Chinese government that starts its fiscal year on April 12 ?

Is it commonly known that the Chinese officials are meeting with other countries’ and discussing dumping the US Dollar?  China has huge, big problems; the US Dollar has become one of them.  Desperate, communist or otherwise, governments will do what they must to survive.

We know the Chinese government has been buying gold like crazy this year and they even now encourages private citizens to do so.

Is April 12, 2012 the day the US Dollar collapses, the stock market crashes, and our government and society begin to rapidly break down?  Then around the world?


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    Bob Berke
    Nov 15 2011, 09:09:37 pm

    Best to stop listening to the conspiracy bs. As yourself, why would China be interested in burning its single best customer?

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      Gary W
      Nov 16 2011, 06:07:44 pm

      That’s easy – because the best customer is hooked. Ask any pusher how that works. I’m not saying China is trying to undermine the USD – they don’t have the muscle unless they get a dozen countries backing them – but it could have crossed their mind.

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        Gary W
        Nov 16 2011, 06:09:36 pm

        PS: if China was smart they would give the EU money on the condition that they help China wean itself from the USD. They’re smarter than me, for sure.

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    Perry N.
    Nov 16 2011, 10:19:00 pm

    China will probably wind up spending some bucks to bail out Europe since Europe is Chinas best customer, not the US as we like to think. Collectively the EU is the largest customer China has. Nevertheless trashing the dollar would be incredibly foolish for China in light of the 1.5 Trillion or so worth of dollars they hold.
    Our situation with China is not unlike the situation we had with Russia years ago. They could ruin us financially, but they would go down with us and vice versa. It’s just currency instead of Nukes. If you really learn about the world situation you begin to realize that China is not the threat either financially or militarily that the media makes them out to be. Study the demographics of the worlds population and you soon come to the realization that ten years down the road when the de-leveraging and deflating is done the US is going to be stronger financially and militarily than ever before. Many of the booger bears that we fear today will disappear entirely. The only thing that would throw it off would be the citizens allowing the folks in DC to turn us into a police state as they have been slowley doing since 9-11. Term limits are an idea whose time has come.

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