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By curtnixon, December 23, 2011

Travis and all supporting gumshoe staff (meaning Mrs Gumshoe and all the little gumshoes..), my hearty and heartfelt thanks and warm holiday wishes to you for your sleuthifications and ramblifications throughout your gummy history of teaser sniffing. Who knew you’d actually be able to make a living by making smart alec comments about stock teasers, and adding mostly ”ification” endings to words that were hithertofor unworthy of ”ification” endings? LOVE IT! Keep up the happy gum sniffing and ”ificationizing”! If I missed the most popular cool endings, I’m sure you’ll correct me in the subsequently posted gumshoe exposes .
My further heartfelt and (and wallet felt) thanks for the Sandstorm (SNDXF) gold, and their warrants (SNXXF) teaser exposes, which turned out to be my most profitable holding for 2011(in at around .80 on SNDXF, .51 on SNXXF). I’m still holding them, and will likely do so for the long ride into the $30’s and $40’s as they continue their imitation of the Royal Golds and SLV’s.
I’m writing today to grunt out my favorite junior silver miner for 2012, Aurcana Silver (AUNFF). They’re about to more than quadruple production due to a new mine coming online in Shafter, Texas (Shafter mine, they own 100% of it, expected production 3.8 mil. oz./year). This in addition to their currently producing mine ”La Negra” in Mexico(92% owned), which cranked out about a million oz silver in the last 4 quarters. The new Shafter mine is mostly built, construction is on schedule, and expected commencement of mining operations is in April or May 2012. They are unfortunately quite shyish about their success, meaning that they don’t seem to brag much about their every little thing, which I think hurts their stock share price a little (they could take a hint from Impact Silver (ISVLF) who brags about every butt wiping and nose blowing of every employee and every corporate officer on every work day by email blasts and press releases, which I grudgingly admit positively affects their stock price by constantly keeping their ticker symbol in front of junior metals investors noses as much as humanly and computerifically possible. (Aurcana, I hope you’re reading the Gumshoe! Your public relations and marketing departments needs to kick it up a notch!) Their stock is trading at about 70 cents, was as high as $1.14 before the big metals crash this year, low around 60 cents. Website for the company here:
From what I can see, they look to be positioned to ride the wave of increasing (or at least steady at around $30?) silver prices, they have all the financing they need to get there, and are already firmly profitable.
Anybody have a favorite in the junior silver miner arena? I’d love to hear about it. Maybe you think you can blow my pick out of the tailings pond? C’mon, don’t be a wuss, bring it on!
Curt Nixon

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