written by reader The Sandstorm Sister’s and Nolan Watson.

By jbnaples, December 24, 2011

I’m most thankful this year for our favorite gumshoe sharing the whole Sandstorm story with us as I think these sister’s will be loved by all who invest in them.
Nolan Watson is one of the most confident and intellegent individuals in the streaming business and now that he has reported the 3Q for SG and will continue to do so, you can’t help but realize how valuble the person that represents your investment is and you become confident that he always says the right things when he speaks. This brings me to a christmas story that just evolved yesterday in our family and the importance of listening closely and being careful what you say.
A few months ago when my 80 year old parents we’re visiting (Dad is a retired Pastor) we were talking about our favorite TV shows. I shared with them that I liked American Pickers and Pawn Stars. We are originally from New England so we have that New England accent much like our favorite gumshoe family.
It seems that over the past few months my parents have been having their entire church praying for me as well as my brother and sisters’s families and for Christmas this year they have all been praying for me to be delivered from watching Pawn Stars. They have never seen the show so they immediately thought I had a problem with Pawn never mine being addicted to wathing Pawn Stars every week.
Well, last night we watched Pawn Stars together for the first time. My mother ran into the bedroom when she heard it was coming on next. I said Mom it’s just a program on tv I like. When they both realized I wasn’t watching Porn Stars this story came out.
To the 2000 people that have been praying for me, thanks anyway, one can never have enough prayers said for them and Merry Christmas.
To my friends in the investment world I say, It’s not only a company’s earnings that count, sometimes it’s how there presented and how there precieved that counts.
Nolan Watson speaks with clearity and the results will make whoever invests in the sisters very happy in the future.
Full disclosure, I am long SG, SME. I have no positions in American Pickers or Pawn Stars. Merry Christmas Everyone. Jennifer

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