Annual Revisit: Income Ideas (part one)

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 27, 2012

I’m shaking things up a bit this time around — every year, I spend some time early in the year going over all the past suggestions I’ve made as “Idea of the Month” picks, and we’re doing the same once again starting today … but this time instead of a chronological listing I’m going to go through them thematically, we’ll start with some of the higher-yielding, dividend focused picks today. As the list has grown to a massive size, now 56 stocks and other investments, I have to break it up — I want to get through them all and then put out one big list of all the picks in order of preference when we’re done with this review process. That would take forever if I worked on the review only once a week, so future updates will be coming out piecemeal over the next couple weeks and I should have the full and updated list of loves and hates out for you before Valentine’s Day.

For those who haven’t been aboard the good ship Gumshoe for very long, I should give a quick background: The “Idea of the Month” articles started as our way of giving a little something back to the Irregulars for their support of the site, and, since we track all those teaser picks, we thought we should track these, too. Fairness, you know.

Some of those picks have done great, some have done terribly — there have certainly been times when I’ve used the Friday File or another note to the Irregulars to call attention to news or developments in these stocks, particularly when one of them that I’m following gets particularly expensive or particularly cheap … or, as is the case with several of the small Chinese stocks I’ve selected over the years, when it becomes clear that we aren’t capable of judging whether or not their accounting is on the up-and-up. And though I haven’t traded all of the stocks that I feature in this space (I’ve probably owned about half at one time or another), I do post notes when I personally buy or sell one of these stocks (or any others), with my reasoning behind the decision.

Regardless of what we might have published or what I might have done with my own money, all of the “Idea of the Month” picks remain in the tracking spreadsheet at ...

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