By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 25, 2012

I’ve been slow to catch up with letting you know the winners of our recent holiday contest, and several folks have been asking … so I’m very sorry to have been so pokey.

But today, I’m pleased to announce the three winners of the Stock Gumshoe contest, each of whom will receive a 2010 Proof Silver Eagle coin (as soon as I get their mailing addresses). The winners in our three categories are:

Post with the most comments: Gerard Waters for his post on Axion Power.

Best overall submission: lscherrer for his post on nuclear power and Paladin Energy.

And for the most interesting investment idea: Despite the fact that he implied an endorsement of his stock by yours truly, which is a bit of a stretch, Lysander72 wins this final coin for his piece on Terrex (sorry, “OurCo”) — and yes, though it’s more of a bet than is implied by the cash position (their polymer flood EOR has to work, and we won’t know that for a while), it is interesting. I still personally prefer holding SND to get my exposure to this risky little project cheaper and with some diversification, and have to re-build my SND position after taking tax losses in December (disclosure note: I have an order in to buy Sandstorm Metals if it hits my price, and I currently own some shares).

I’m contacting those winners to send them their prizes — if you’re an Irregular and want the grand exposure that posting your opinions on Stock Gumshoe provides, you can always opine away by clicking here.

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