Annual Review: The Big List

Compiled list, in order of affection, of our past "Idea of the Month" picks with updated opinions

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 13, 2012

I’ve spent the past couple weeks going over my updated opinions on all of the past “Idea of the Month” stocks (or at least, those that haven’t already been dropped from coverage over the years), and I promised to put them all in one big list in order of likingness (yes, I know it’s not a word). I own a bunch of these and have bought and sold others over the years, I won’t try to reiterate which of these I hold at the moment but you can always see the individual stocks in my portfolio here and know that I continue to follow a “no trading for three days” policy for stocks I write about, including these.  I do currently have a buy limit order in for Sandstorm Metals and Energy, but will not adjust that order or buy or sell any of these other stocks for three days.

And as always, I have to start you off with our disclaimer: This is NOT a portfolio, I update my opinion on these past ideas at least once a year, and often share thoughts or opinions on them as news changes throughout the year or as folks ask about them, but they are not “bought and sold” actively and we don’t track their performance that way (you can see the “idea of the month” tracking here if we pretend that they’re “buy and hold forever” picks, with the numbers remixed a few different ways). And of course, the stocks profiled in the “Idea of the Month” articles are not necessarily recommendations that are appropriate for your portfolio.

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So with that said, here are the companies we still find worth commenting on, in the order in which I like them at the current price — this is a very subjective list, and it doesn’t necessarily what I’m choosing for my portfolio, just what I think looks most relatively attractive right now.

Sprott Resource Lending (SILU) — Buy

Now yielding 4%, and I would be surprised if the dividend hasn’t doubled a year from now. This is a lender to natural resources companies, cheaper now than when I covered them originally and a bit cheaper than my personal cost basis. I love the management and think they’ve done a good job monetizing their legacy real estate portfolio and bringing on new funding deals with miners and energy ...

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