written by reader Chris Mayer’s “Biggest fire sale in history”

By lysander72, March 31, 2012

For your consideration:

I stumbled across Chris Mayer’s tease of “The biggest fire sale in history”.

Some highlights:
“This is our opportunity. There is no better, more-reliable way to make money than to buy something from someone who has to sell. Bankers are the best people in the world to buy from. Believe me, I know.”

“With the EU banking sector loaded with trillions of stuff it must sell, the mouths of knowing investors drool with money lust. These are deals the big boys do. Prem Watsa, the brain behind Fairfax Financial and dubbed by some as “the Warren Buffett of Canada,” gets to do these deals. Wilbur Ross, the billionaire investor famous for investing in distressed assets, gets to do these deals. Warren Buffett he gets to do these kinds of deals.
Normally, you need a fat wallet to get in this club. But I recently found a way to get into this “club” that a public-school teacher could afford.”

Consider my interest piqued. It turns out Mayer is recommending OZM: Och-Ziff Capital Management. But looking into the matter further I discovered APO: Apollo Global Management. A recent IPO, in fact the articles that I found on Seeking Alpha date from April and they discuss the IPO