“Average Joe” Adam Mesh trading system

by gator463 | May 27, 2012 10:27 pm

Anyone had any experience with the Adam Mesh trading system?

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    Mark Hirschhorn
    Jul 9 2018, 08:07:33 pm

    I was with them for a month ending today.
    They would probably admit this was one of their worst months ever.

    But besides wrongeard picks I think it would be very difficult to make money with them.
    Firstly , you get a dispatch – at no particular time, which means: if you answer another call, eat lunch go to the bathroom or work you are going to miss trades. And then of course the biggest winning ones.
    When the “advice” to buy said option at $1.90 you’ll be lucky to see $2.40.
    NO I don’t believe they are criminal, yet it doesn’t seem likely to earn with them.

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      adam mesh
      Oct 27 2018, 02:44:37 pm

      Hey Mark,

      I must say your post was written in a very fair way. In our TPM service, July was our worst month ever. The unexpected after hours china trade war news sent all 3 of our positions down along with the rest of the market. We exited losing over 1k of the 2k risked. That stinks but it is part of trading. The thing I must say is that overall, the service has done incredibly well on low risk. If you can make 2,4 and even 10k risking less than 2k then small loses are worth it. I read about a lot of other companies on stockgumshoe that give our industry a bad name but I’m proud to say and many would agree that I’m a good guy , our team is made up of good people and our community is made up of fantastic members. Our trade alerts are sent via email and text but yes, if you are out to lunch and miss a trade, it could have moved while you are not there. Sometimes a better price and sometimes worse but always in motion. You might see a 1.90 buy for 2.40 but it definitely works both ways. We recently put out a sell alert on LULU after a around 30% gain and watched as it would have been a 300% gain just hours later so definitely works both ways. For any one person that says they can’t win with us, I’ll find 10 that say they win because of us. Happy to discuss or have you back any time! My # 212-774-5977.

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    Oct 26 2018, 03:46:42 pm

    Have been a paying subscriber for 4 years. All the successful trades combined for the whole 4 years would not pay for even one of my subscriptions. Christians’ chart analysis is what kept me in. Tho their trades are sh*t, the analysis helped in all of my other trading. I trade mostly the indices, and felt Christian had a handle on watching trends and charts.

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      Oct 27 2018, 09:33:31 am

      I used to take the OTHER side and did pretty well. You could do a coin flip and make more money. Now I strictly day trade and have never been happier. I don’t agree with the majority of what CT has to say or his analysis as it usually goes against mine. Thank God they have a large customer base to generate income because the stock picks SUCK for the most part.

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      Adam Mesh
      Oct 27 2018, 01:02:14 pm

      Hey Dennis,

      It’s Adam. First, thanks for being a subscriber for 4 years. That certainly is appreciated. It’s a little frustrating that after 4 years as a member rather than reaching out to me to voice a complaint you went to a public forum. That said here we are. To say our trades are not good is just not something I could accept. There are thousands of members that would agree with me as well. Now if you came on and we had a bad month, sure that could happen. But if you’ve been a member for 4 years then you have had ample time to see that not only are all of our subscriptions highly positive, it’s well beyond the cost of a membership. In fact, the only reason I can offer more services is because of the success that members have with the existing ones. I can’t be sure because you only said your first name and we have multiple members named Dennis but if you have been in for 4 years I assume you are in the options money machine. From April through September it made around 25 trades and only one was a $50 loser. So my guess would be you only make a couple of trades? If you only make a couple of trades on a credit spread service that is built for income not wealth then it could stand to reason that it’s not working for you. The most important thing is consistency so I would ask you to let me or us know if you actively participate or occasionally. You can call me any time at 212-774-5977 or email me adam@adammesh.com. Our results are awesome and it just strikes me as strange for you to have said what you did. I’ll go so far as to say here, publicly, if you reach out to me via the # or email given and can show me that our subscription has not made more than your membership price since you joined you can have your money back. I stand by what we do and I’m very proud of the trades we make. So is the best community in trading there is.

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        Oct 27 2018, 04:28:52 pm

        Adam, it doesn’t surprise me at all that Dennis shared his opinion here, among friends, rather than calling your office to say he wasn’t making money. I’ve been a subscriber to newsletters, and never thought to call to tell them how well, or not well, I’m doing.
        The only exception to that was when I was losing so much that I called to cancel an auto-renew, and they specifically asked “why?”.

        It’s a nice offer you made to return his subscription price if he’s lost money with your service, and your tone overall is cordial, so I thought I’d just take a minute to add another perspective.

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          Adam Mesh
          Oct 27 2018, 06:35:57 pm

          Thanks Catherine. The reason I asked why he never called is because if others are succeeding where he is not, I want to help. We have someone who’s entire job is “head of customer experience.” He let’s us know if texts aren’t going out or any thing we publish doesn’t make sense. My biggest thing is it’s better to ask a question then lose money because you were afraid to. That’s why I wanted him to reach out. 4 years is also a long time! Catherine, if you’d like to try a free month in our community, email me adam@adammesh.com. Put – stock gumshoe as the subject line. Then if you like it you can let your community know about it :)!

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    Oct 27 2018, 05:47:54 pm

    Hi Adam,

    Since it looks like you are active on this blog today, I thought I’d ask a question as well. Some of your answers here reference specific services either in full, Options Wealth Machine, “TPM” an acronym for something else.

    Meanwhile your web site has links for:

    Coaching (self-explanatory I think…)

    – Mesh Insider
    – Income Advantage For Life
    – Smart Money Elite
    – 5 Star Trading Academy
    – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide
    – Full Contact

    I get e-mail from you occasionally about something called “The Quest”

    Maybe it’s just me but I can’t seem to map the different services you describe in e-mail or here against the services that appear to be available on your web site.

    Is there a definitive list that describes the services, just bullet points even, i.e. this is our credit spread service, its name is “Options Wealth Machine”, this is our stock pick service 1 – you get N picks per month -its name is XYZ, etc.?

    I don’t understand why some of these things don’t appear on the web site.

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      Oct 27 2018, 11:37:26 pm

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for reaching out. You can also always email me adam@adammesh.com with follow up questions.

      The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to The Stock Market was the very first thing I wrote when I started my company back in 2006. After listening to what everyone else had to say, I added a lot of what I thought was not being said.

      Full Contact Trading combines my favorite trading book ever with a system built around it.

      Our first options service was a credit spread service. It’s designed to go after trades for income with defined risk. It’s usually 1/2 trades per week. That’s OMM.

      The follow up was OWM. This is diagonal calendars so we look for capital appreciation as well as premium collection. We also some times “leg in” so the trade just begins directionally.

      TPM is straight calls for 1/2 weeks based on a proprietary pattern identified by my a CMT, someone I have worked with for over 12 years.

      The 5 star and Smart Money are stock based services. Smart Money incorporates unusual institutional flow.

      There are different people involved with each.

      For option traders, omm (credit spreads) is what I like to see people start with as the trades we do usually have higher than a 70% win rate so members can experience success early on and I think that’s so important.

      Again, for any follow up, email me adam@adammesh.com.

      Going to watch the rest of the world series now, have a good night!!

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    Jan 11 2019, 10:04:54 am

    Ok, I can no longer say I never join discussions like this. Today is the first. I cannot understand how people find the time to write about their anger and disappointment they feel due to some investment failures. I hear disappointment and sometimes anger directed at someone or something else when I read the negative comments. These come from beginner investors and investors that say they have been investing for 30 yrs and all the years in between.
    I always randomly choose websites that have reviews on a company or individual I am considering to invest my money in for a service they are offering me, however, I never allow what I read to be anywhere close to a deciding factor. I have found over the last few years that negative reviews about a person or company that sold someone an informational product should never be used as a deciding factor. It’s interesting actually how people (and if this does not apply to you then I’m not talking about you so there is no need to get mad at me will blame someone else for a purchase “they” made, for money they have lost OR for the money they have money they have not earned based on decisions they made. All of the “theys” I used are referring to the person who made the 6

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      Jan 12 2019, 01:41:23 pm

      Alliec65, would you please finish your comment with a Part 2? Your initial comment ended with “All of the “theys” I used are referring to the person who made the 6” and I am curious what the 6 refers to. Thank you

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    Ken Chesman
    Jul 6 2019, 05:57:27 pm

    $595 for 6 months

    first trade made over 1000 but I missed it because I did not know how to follow instructions

    second trade made over 2000 but I couldn’t get filled ( my fault)
    next 2 trades were small losses.

    my only complaint is the number of trades is far short of 1 or 2 per week.
    they offered an additional system to make up for it and extended time.

    still no trades

    I think they are honest but I’ll reserve judgement for now

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