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by ephg | May 18, 2012 10:22 pm

Looking for a good place to buy and sell stock.

Any Suggestions?

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    Stephen Helmholz
    May 19 2012, 08:28:06 am has great execution and is one of the best and cheapest around in my personal opinion. I have been using them for over 10 years and I have never had a problem or issue.

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    cld sid
    May 19 2012, 11:21:38 pm

    I have used IB for over 4 years. Executions are fast and price reasonable. IB trading desk personnel are great. Chatroom response is good.

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    May 21 2012, 10:43:49 pm

    I have never used IB; but a couple years ago I discovered OptionsHouse ( is my referal link for them), and they have been serving me and several of my friends well ever since. $3.95 stock trades, $5 for 5 or $8.50 +$0.15-per-contract for options. Mobile site, regular site, mobile apps, and an API if you’re in to that sort of thing.

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    Jerry Gant
    May 22 2012, 11:38:05 pm

    It depends to a degree on your existing knowledge of the market, trading or investing, and the corresponding need for explanation/definition of terms and types of transactions. I’ve found that Scottrade is very good for a broad set of market actions. They do carry IRAs and have a good knowledge center. Their stock trades (and options, I believe) are $7 for either buy or sell. If you’re into trading, day or otherwise, they recently implemented streaming quotes, and they also have the Elite Trader option (a fee-based trading scheme apparently. If you’re already ready fairly knowledgeable, you might try SoGo trade. Their basic transaction fees are $3 for std stock trades, and a formula similar to “CaveBear’s” above. Scottrade has very good phone support, while SoGo is primarily email, which can be too slow for many situations.

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