written by reader Advanced Enviromental Recycling Tech (AERT)

By roycrafters, October 24, 2012

I bought this stock 6 years ago at $0.60 and sold it a year later at $2.50 when it appeared the Family who owned it was getting most of the profits and their product (best in field) was in trouble with the housing stocks collapsing, an easy $50,000 gain. Some others in my circle held and the stock dropped to pennies again. I never looked at it again as I was sure it would go bankrupt. A couple of weeks ago one of my friends, who held, was by and said they had been to the Company and things were looking up. I checked and the stock was selling for $0.10 a share. I happend to see that they had just filed the 2Q financial report with the S.E.C. (which surprised me) so I checked it out. The filing revealed HIG had come in, reworked 8 million of debt and bought 15+ million shares from the family (89+ million outstanding) leaving them with 44% remaining, not much float outstanding. They put 4 members (a 7 person Board) of their people on the Board leaving them in complete control. Looks to me like really good inside information on a $0.10 stock. Anybody know this Company in Northwest AR.? Owen Barlow

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
October 24, 2012 2:46 pm

Never heard of them, myself — though H.I.G. Capital is getting plenty of attention lately! (They’re big Romney backers and there are conspiracy theories floating about how they’ve bought the voting machine company that will be counting some key swing-state votes, seems a bit ridiculous as far as conspiracy theories go.)

Other than that, I’ve never heard of H.I.G. or AERT — though I did look briefly at their ticker page and though they’re quite mired in debt they do have the rare distinction of meaningful revenue and revenue growth, neither of which is typical for an $8 million penny stock. So that’s something, even if companies with stock market valuations of $8 million probably languish or go bankrupt at least 90% of the time — it’s rather silly for them to be public at all.

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Del Ojo Zafado
Del Ojo Zafado
October 25, 2012 9:25 am

All the buzz words in this POS. Would you like some fries with that recycled plastic box the Burgers USED to come in? Some one might then also explian H.I.G. Capital vs HIG aka The Hartford, Hartford Financial that herdge fund manager/raider John Paulson put back on track by divesting the annuities and life insurance segments which insurers are getting kiled in by virtue of ZIRP Evelasting and QEternity. Not bankrupt yet? So that is the recomendation for this company trying to compete with the better well known Trex brand of plastic decking “boards”? Looking for a beaten down value idea in forest products or their surogates. Check out the shares of the paper maker CFPUF or Rayonier RYN. RYN with the recent $48 handle vs a few weeks ago spoting the $52…. ACAZF is a $14 to $16 stock ..eventually if the houdsing stabilization is for real.

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