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by carlb60 | January 31, 2013 12:03 pm

This subscription service touted by Stansberry was rated the top performing service they flog in 2012. Based on their rating, I subscribed for three months. Here is my experience: Gee Guys: Thanks a lot for the super rating on Brian Bottarelli’s options trading research. Based on your rating, I subscribed ($400 for three months). Then I lost $1,777.39 (including commissions) on $2,559.08 invested in two weeks of scrupulously following his advice. (Fortunately I was being cautious and just testing the water.) That looks to me like a 69.45% loss – more than ½ my initial investment and if I include the $400 I paid for the subscription, that’s 85.08% loss in three weeks. Annualized that would be somewhere in the 1,020% range. It’s a lot like hitting your finger with a hammer – sure feels good when you stop. What’s Brian’s comment? “In the case of today’s plays on FB and SHW, we exited with manageable losses. So, let’s take the small hit, put them behind us, and move on to bigger and better things.” He forgot to mention the one day loss of 83% on COP Calls. I think I’ll just write off my investment and the other $1,777 and go back to doing my own thing.

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