Bottarelli Research Alert

by emanon7 | January 13, 2013 10:09 pm

Hello, has anyone been using the Bottarelli Research Alert? Are they good?

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  1. William Swigert
    Feb 23 2013, 06:02:42 pm

    Bottartelli takes a $2000 investment, trades, then subtracts his original #2000 and then goes on to parlay the profits into $14,159.56 in 16 trades. Lies. After you join you can see the dates of those trades and find on 1, 7 and 9 January 2013 he retroactively applies money that he didn’t receive until the next day. Crystal ball? He ignores losses and inflates his trade history.I followed closely, making trades within 2 minutes after he announced them and lost more money than I made from early January thru mid-February of 2013. I still have two no-hope I losers I’m about to sell out and take the losses. I sure can’t recommend his options service.

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    Carl Brady
    Mar 5 2013, 01:15:49 pm

    I have to agree with William Swigart. Nothing but losses since starting with this service. Here’s another example: On February 26 he recommended “Buy FOSL March 100 puts for $3.60 with trailing stop @ $2.00 and Sniper Sell @ $5 something”. The next day FOSL traded up more than $1.00 and the puts went below the stop price of $2.00. Therefore my puts were stopped out as were anybody else who fillowed his advice. Bottarelli still lists the puts as being in the portfolio today (March 5) when if he actually made the trade he would also have been stopped out. The simple fact is that Bottarelli is a liar, and does not actually do the trades that are recommended. He also forgets to report the losses. Read my and others reviews of this service from the alphabetical service rating page at the top of Stock Gumshoe. I still get email updates (my subscription runs out in May), and the latest advice is essentially, “do not buy any stock because insiders are selling”. Now, I’m not any kind of an expert, but my experience tells me to do the opposite of what Bottarelli recommends and the odds are good I will make money. Right now I’m pretty fully invested in stocks, and intend to stay that way at least until bond fund outflows decline and Bernanke quits printing money.

  3. Robert Brink
    Apr 29 2013, 04:22:05 pm

    Thanks for saving me. I was about to plunk down $400 but decided to check StockGumshoe first. In return, I’d like to recommend a service I bought a few weeks ago that is doing great. It’s expensive, but to my mind, well worth it. It’s Smart Cap Alert, run by Karim Rahemtulla. Almost all of his recommendations are selling put options. They’re so safe. You invest nothing, unless you get put, and last year he got put only once in 12 times. I think I’m going to get put on a gold option, but so what? I’ve already collected $1,500, and will have to buy the stock for $8,000. The price will be very low, and I’ll resell it. I should still have a profit. I sold a $400 January Apple put and made $14,500, but Karim got worried and said to buy it back, which I did, making $957. He said to sell a $300 Apple put, and I made $3,400, which I’ll keep unless Apple is below $300 in January. If it is, I have to buy a heck of a lot of Apple, but how likely is that? I also sold several other puts and raked in at least $6,000. They all look safe. These were just his first recommendations. He has a 91 percent win record. The service costs $2,500.

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