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By emanon7, January 27, 2013

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Fellow Investor,
The future is now.

Thanks to mind-blowing advances in science and technology, the stuff of science fiction movies just twenty years ago is becoming part of our daily lives.

The ability to video chat on your phone with the push of a button…it’s spreading like wildfire thanks to Apple’s FaceTime.

The Star-Trek like ability to create anything our heart desires from scratch…it’s just about here thanks to 3D printing.

Cars that drive themselves…Google’s self-driving car is already on the road in California.

Wearable computers, commercial space travel, virtual reality games…check, check and check.

We are living through one of the most exciting, most innovative, most turbulent periods of change our society has ever seen.

Whereas past generations may have seen one or two life-changing innovations a decade—television, penicillin, radio, the Internet–we are living through an era of almost constant change, where it seems every month brings another major breakthrough.

That’s because no matter what America’s problems (and we have plenty), no matter how pathetic our politicians, no matter how high our debt, no matter what happens with the economy, there is an unstoppable force that continues to drive us forward: American ingenuity.

There will always be the next Steve Jobs tinkering in his parents’ garage. There will always be the next Jeff Bezos, ditching a lucrative job on Wall Street to start a new, unheard of business from his dining room table. Or the next Zuckerberg, cooking up a revolutionary idea from his dorm room.

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