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By 1911raider, February 17, 2013

I greatly value the opinion of the Gumshoes, so I welcome your thoughts on the ”Carbon Tax” concept.

In my opinion, The ”Carbon Tax” credit may be the greatest farce ever perpetrated on American industry. It is nearly impossible to accurately measure the the ”Green House Gas Effect” if any, on weather patterns. Likewise it is nearly impossible to determine exactly how much carbon is being put off by individual businesses and residential users. Here in California, there are a great many efforts in motion to force through the Agenda 21 initiatives from the United Nations on the local level in the guise of ”sustainable living”. Low income & high density housing and mass transit is a big component of this initiative but the underlying theme is wealth redistribution through excessive tax generation. This state is literally slobbering over themselves for the money that will be generated through the carbon tax and the trading of carbon tax credits.

Likewise, countries around the world are welcoming the carbon tax with open arms not because they care for the environment or social issues, but because of the money generated. I just spoke with a very successful Australian businessman who confirmed that Australia is much farther down the road in adopting the carbon tax madness. In fact, he mentioned some notable U.S. law firms are opening offices in Australia now so they can trade in the Asian Carbon Tax Market. In my opinion, there will come a time in the near future where every business and property owner in the U.S. will be charged some form of a carbon tax. This carbon tax is seen by our elected officials as one of the few viable options to tax their way back to a balanced budget. And it can all be done in the politically correct theme of saving our environment.

My question for you, is how can one profit from this trend? We know the law of nature that ”a rising tide lifts all boats”. This carbon tax madness is a tide that will not likely dissipate. What exchanges, firms or products could we invest in to be on the right side of this initiative?
Is this why agricultural land is being purchased at surprisingly high valuations? Is it for the eventual tax tax credits they will be able to sell? I welcome any thoughts you have on the subject?


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February 26, 2013 10:00 pm

Since green plants use carbon dioxide to give us oxygen back, we need more carbon dioxide, not less. Of course this is another scam launched on an unsuspecting public who are home watching Big Bang theory or other uplifting television shows.
The cover of Newsweek in 1979 warned us of the coming global ice age, woops, guess that one is over now and we have swerved into a warming crisis.
Any respectable scientist who disagrees with this nonsense as their is no proof that we are causing any of this even if the plant is warming. But in light of that if the earth is 3 Billion years old how could we have any meaningful data on the tends of warming or cooling with a puny couple of hundred years of weather records?
California Air Resources Board has certainly bellied up to the trough and started with the carbon hysteria, there is a large payroll for these boys and income must be generated somehow to keep those pension promises.

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